Sample Reference Letter

Here is how your sample reference letter should look like-Fill in the blanks to personalize your own reference letter.

~~~~This is the start of the sample reference letter~~~~~


To whom it may concern: (self indroduction is the most obvious element of a reference letter)

Paragraph#1: Introduce yourself

I am writing this letter to provide a character reference of "NAME HERE." I have known "NAME HERE" for "X AMOUNT of Years" and can attest to his integrity and "ENTER POSITIVE QUALITY"

Paragraph #2: Give the reader examples of how you know said person. (Your reference letter needs to explain who you are)

I first met "NAME HERE" in "ENTER YEAR AND PLACE YOUR MET THE PERSON." We first met as seniors in high school and later become roommates in college. We shared similar interests in literature, movies, and politics. He graduated with honors in modern literature while I focused on the dramatical arts. Through our years of living together we inspired each other through our diverse yet similar interests.

Paragraph#3: Tell the reader why your opinion about the person is relevant as a reference.

It goes with out saying me and "JOHN SMITH" have gotten to know each other over the years. I am undoubtedly in the best position describe his positive qualities and integrity.

Paragraph#4: Describes the attributes of the person you are writing the reference letter for:`
"JOHN DOE" is a responsible student and worker who has gained numerous honors through the years. His dedication to academics in the past has set the path for his future achievements. Through the years I have experienced first hand the honesty, integrity, and work ethic John exudes. I have no doubt in my mind that John will serve your company well and be a valuable asset. I recall John telling me he is willing to work his way to the top from the bottom. He will serve your company well.

Paragraph #5: Expand on the said person's positive qualities in the reference letter.

Living with JOHN DOE it quickly became apparent how clean and orderly he is. His attention to detail and need for order make me believe that he would be valuable to any company. Apart from valuing cleanliness an order, John was also respectful of his house mates and guests. He was sure to go to bed at a reasonable hour and be up early the next day to face whatever it may bring.

Paragraph#6: Describe the persons qualities that standout the most

John was always honest and trustworthy to the utmost extent. I can recall several occasions where I could rely on him (even in the most dire situations.) His integrity and character are what in my opinion standout the most. Hiring JOHN will exponentially benefit your company.

Paragraph#7: End the final paragraph of your reference letter by paraphrasing the points you have covered and why you believe the person will be the right fit for the company.

In closing I believe that it has become increasingly obvious why JOHN is the perfect fit for your company. His attention to detail and dedication to perfection would benefit any company.

End your reference letter with………


Using a sample reference letter:

The point of sample reference letter is to give you a model of what your sample letter should resemble. Follow each section carefully to ensure your letter is written correctly.