Check out these sample request letters asking for a raise and see if you can use any of them to get a salary increase and make more money.  Many people don’t realize how effective it can be to simply ask for something, especially when they are the ones actually holding the cards.  Just because the job market is tough, it doesn’t mean you cannot make the request successfully, especially if you are a good worker or leader.  If you have a future with the employer, they will likely work with you.  Check out these samples and tailor them to suit your personal needs and situation.

Example of Letter Asking Boss for a Raise – Past Work Performance

Mr. Johnson,

I am writing you this letter to request you sit down with me and review my current rate of pay.  While I feel I am paid a competitive wage, I do feel I am worth more than I currently make.  In the last two years, I have personally accomplished the following:

  • Increased department sales by 12% with consistent growth
  • Implemented a new schedule, which saved the company $19,000 in labor costs annually
  • Received three employee of the month awards in the last 18 months
  • Generated new methods for gaining sales leads, which has been implemented in other departments

I feel, based on my work history and high performance results, that a salary rate adjustment would be fully warranted.  I would really like the opportunity to discuss this with you.  I would be willing, just as I always have, to come in early or stay late, if needed, so we can talk.


John Doe

What This Accomplishes:  Not only have you stated some of your accomplishments, you have also mentioned that you would stay late or come in early to talk with your boss.  You have claimed you are worth more than you are making and you provided specific, detailed examples.  You have been respectful, but you have made clear that you are worth more than your current salary.

Sample Letter Asking for a Pay Increase – Increased Responsibility

Mr. Johnson,

When I was first lucky enough to get hired with the XYZ company, it was as a Crew Leader.  I learned so much in this position and truly enjoyed every minute of it.  I felt at that time, as I do now, that I had found a career and not just another job.

After my first six months, I was given the scheduling responsibilities for my entire department, which I really love.  I know you have been happy with my performance in scheduling, because you have given me several compliments, which I truly appreciate.

Earlier this year, I was asked if I would add help get the lead generation division up off the ground.  I loved the opportunity to help build something from scratch and feel I, and the entire team, did a great job of making this department profitable for the company.

Since this time, many other duties have been added to my normal workload.  I have been cross-trained, so I can float to the other departments when needed, helped author the new employee handbook, and worked with the Floor Managers to implement the new stocking process we are currently using. 

I have learned so much with each additional responsibility I have taken on, and feel I have excelled at every area of my job.  In the last 18 months, even with the added responsibilities, I have yet to have a performance review.  Quite frankly, Mr. Johnson, I feel I have earned a pay increase. 

I would like to sit down with you and discuss this.  I am more than willing to meet with you at any time that is convenient.


John Doe

What This Accomplishes:  You have laid out all you have been asked to add to your list of duties.  To some extent, you have called out your boss for not adjusting your wage or even giving you a performance review, but you have done it in a very respectful way.  In addition, you’ve offered to meet with your employer at any time that’s convenient.

Sample Letter Asking for Raise – No Increase for Years

Mr. Johnson,

I have been employed at ABC manufacturing for the last six years.  I am very happy with my job here and have enjoyed it tremendously.  I have learned through the monthly employee updates that our company is growing at a wonderful rate.  I am glad to be a part of this.

When I first was hired with ABC, I was told we would receive annual performance reviews and wage adjustments.  My performance has clearly been good, since I have received several compliments from Line Leaders and Floor Managers.  Despite this, I have not had an evaluation or pay increase in three full years.  I can appreciate how difficult times are for any manufacturer, given the economy, just as I’m sure you can appreciate my situation.

For the reasons mentioned, I would like to formally request a performance review and pay raise.  You will find my attendance, attention to detail, and work performance fully justify such a request. 

Please let me know if there is a time that is most convenient for you to talk about this.

What This Accomplishes:  In this sample letter, you have asked for a raise in pay and clearly stated the reasons.  You have stated that you were told you would get an annual review, and stated that you haven’t received them.  You have backed up your request, not only with timeframes, but also with claims of performing acceptable work on the job.

When You Ask Your Boss for a Pay Raise

Do:  Make specific, detailed mention of work performance, assuming it’s at least average.

Do:  Offer to sit down and meet, face to face, with your boss.

Do:  Sign all forms in ink and make a copy for your own records.

Do:  State facts, not perceptions.

Do:  Follow up in person, if you don’t hear from your boss.

Do:  Ask why not, if you are denied.

Don’t:  Be disrespectful in any manner to your employer when you ask for more money.

Don’t:  Make demands – you are asking, not ordering.

Don’t:  Overstate your work performance or puff your accomplishments.

Don’t:  Ask for anything that isn’t fair for both parties.

Don’t:  Compare yourself to others in an effort to make yourself look better.

Don’t:  Bad mouth your employer if your request is denied.


These sample request letters asking for a raise can be adjusted to suit your personal needs.