As compared to a product being sold in a supermarket, a job seeker like yourself is one of the hundreds of individuals being displayed in the career market.

You are selling your talents, abilities and whole personality to employers who would eventually "purchase" you as their own.

The resume is your packaging that can either make or break an excellent career path. To be able to market yourself, you must create an eye-catching resume.

But there are eye-catching resumes that employers tend to despise. These are sample resumes that personnel from the human resource department tend to make fun of.

These are the resumes that are subject to destructive criticisms; and of course, you don't want your resume to be included for humiliation, unless you're not taking the job-hunting procedure seriously.

The following are bad sample resumes and why they annoyed its readers.

Under the skills heading of each applicant, employers are sick of reading words like "Has good moral character" since it appears that the aspirant has copied it from other resumes. Employers are looking for creative individuals.

They know that there is an imaginative way of describing terms and they want you to discover them.

The description "I am extremely dynamic and highly motivated" can actually impress an employer at first but being this exaggerated is also highly dangerous.

They tend to question this and mostly, skills that cannot be depicted by explanations but by actions are hard to justify. There is a thin line that differentiates flattering from exaggerating.

Lastly, do not be verbose in order to catch the attention of the recruiter.

If you think that your experience as an accounting clerk will be perfectly illustrated by "worked as one of those who are in charge of the corporation's computation of daily expenses and assisted the accounting section in solving financial endeavors," you are incorrect. These words will confuse the reader. Besides, it is also tiring to read words that just go around the bush.

Learn from the blunders of others. Do not dare imitate these sample resumes mishaps or you'll see yourself jobless for decades. Sell yourself right.

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