Sample thank you letters for donations are very important.  If you don’t take the time to let a donor know you appreciated their help, they might be less likely to participate in the future.  If you did some fundraising and you simply cannot possibly get these out to everyone, even if you just send a generic accomplishments form, you need to at least be sure to catch the businesses and major donors.  You can use these free examples after your fundraiser or even get them ready to go ahead of time, so you can get them mailed off quickly.  All can be altered to suit your needs. 

Thank You Letter for Donations from Major Donors

There are times that it is simply not feasible to communicate with every person that gave to your charitable organization.  In those cases, just catching the major donors is the minimum you should do.

Mr. Smith,

The ABC Organization would like to extend a sincere thank you for your donation of $250 to this year’s annual Relay for Life.  Your money will help fund scientific studies that could very well lead to a cure for cancer.  Without support from people like you, our organization would not be able to help those that need it the most.

We are already gearing up for next year’s event and look forward to hearing from you as it approaches.

Kind Regards,

John Doe

ABC Organization

What This Accomplishes:  It’s pretty simple and straightforward.   It clearly expresses gratitude and even conditions the person for the future, when you will try to raise some money for the event again.

Generic Letter of Gratitude to Individual Donors

In the event you will send out a thank you to everyone that made a contribution, you can use a generic letter without giving any specific details about how much they gave.


The XYZ for Cancer Survivors would like to thank you for your contribution to this year’s annual fundraising campaign.  You donation will help to provide survivors with hope for the future and raise awareness for this terrible disease.

We are already planning a big event for next year.  Please be sure to watch for our phone call, so we can fill you in on the exciting changes we have in store.


Jane Doe

XYZ for Cancer Survivors

What This Accomplishes:  A generic letter of thanks like this one can be made in advance of fundraising efforts and sent out immediately following the event.  This will allow you to get it out right away and show appreciation.  In addition, you have informed the donor of new changes that will be coming.

General Accomplishment Letter Sample

In some cases, the best way to thank the people that made donations is to simply make a statement about what the charitable organization accomplished.  You might want to add some graphics and stats from past years, to show a growing trend, if applicable.


We would like to extend a very warm and sincere thank you to all that contributed to the 123 Charity Event this year.  Without your donation, we would have never raised over $2,000 for the local food pantry.

The money raised will all stay in the community.  We are using the funds to purchase dry goods, canned vegetables, and various other nonperishable food items, which will help to keep the shelves stocked for some time to come.

Perhaps the best of all is that we broke our record this year.  We have set a goal of $2,500 for next year.  With your help, I think we can provide food for even more underprivileged children and families this year.


Jane Doe

123 Charity

What This Accomplishes:  You have extended your gratitude and shared the results of your efforts with those that gave to the cause.  This will help make donors feel good about what they did and hopefully encourage them to contribute again next year.

Letters of Appreciation for Donations from Businesses

If you cannot send a plaque or a certificate, a basic thank you letter for donations will generally work.  Businesses are bombarded with requests for money, so you need to make sure you thank them for giving.

Mr. Johnson,

On behalf of the 987 Group, we would like to express our gratitude to you for donating the television set for our charity auction.  That item alone brought in over $400 and helped us achieve our goals.

We have taken a small advertisement in the newspaper thanking the businesses that made contributions.  We are proud to include you in this ad.

We look forward to working with you again next year as we battle hunger in our city.


Jane Doe

987 Group

What This Accomplishes:  You have thanked them for the item they gave to your group and even went as far as to tell them how much it brought in.  The advertisement in the paper, by the way, is a very nice touch and can help you to secure future donations.

Thank You to Volunteer Sample Letter

It’s important to thank the people that contributed and donated their time, just as much as it is for people that gave money.  Send out something like this when you had volunteers that worked hard.

Mr. Adams,

I would like to thank you for all your hard work during our annual fundraising event this year.  While we tend to focus on the dollar value that is raised for charity from our event, we always like to pay special recognition to our volunteers who donated their time.

It was an absolute pleasure to have you working with us this year.  Working the concession stands helped to bring in additional revenue to the organization though sales.  We simply cannot thank you enough.


John Doe,

ABC Fundraising

What This Accomplishes:  People that give their time to others are a vital part to any nonprofit group.  While volunteers are generally not paid, just a simple pat on the back will do wonders.  It is important that you specify something in the letter that is tailored to them specifically, in this case referencing concession sales, so it has a personal touch.

You are free to use an of these sample thank you letters for donations.