Take a look and see if any of these sample welcome letters for new employees for a handbook, or as an individual worker memo, will work out for you in your business or place of work.  Many managers, business owners, and supervisors are given the task of coming up with new hire handbook material, including welcome letters.  Since I don’t know exactly what you are specifically looking for, I will provide multiple examples, which can all be tailored to suit your own personal needs and business.

 Welcome Aboard, New Hire – Training Program Oriented

Hello and welcome to the ABC Company,

We at ABC take employee relations seriously.  We want your entire career to be filled with personal and professional growth.  For this reason, we have an open door policy.  In other words, if you have any issues at all, or feel we need to improve, we are more than happy to listen.

Over the next several weeks, you will take part in an excellent training program.  Our training program lasts for over two weeks, so you can be confident and comfortable with your duties before you begin working on the line.  We feel this is one of the best ways to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed.

Please, feel free to ask any questions you may have during your training.  We want all teammates at the ABC Company to feel happy and comfortable with their jobs.  Do not ever hesitate to ask for more help or clarification with anything at all.


John Doe

Vice President, ABC Company

What This Accomplishes:  Rather generic in nature, it gives a basic overview of what the employee can expect as they start work with your company.  It encourages question asking, which is key to learning and growth.

Welcoming New Employee Handbook – Rules and Regulations, Benefits


Now that you are a member of the ABC Company, you might have plenty of questions about the job, including those about the rules and regulations of employment.  We would like to welcome you aboard and share some of the highlights with you.

Among the most commonly asked questions has to do with hours of work.  While the hours of work were gone over with you already, we would like to simply clarify them.

A Shift:  A shift works from 11 pm through 7 am.  Lunch break is from 3 am through 4 am.

B Shift:  B shifts works from 7 am through 3 pm.  Lunch break is from 11 am through noon.

C Shift:  C shift works from 3 pm through 11 pm.  Lunch break is from 7 pm through 8 pm.

Another area of concern for many is time off work.  We offer both paid and unpaid time off work.  After one year of service, you will earn 80 hours of paid vacation.  You will also be allowed to take off up to 24 hour of unpaid time off, if you choose.  Two weeks’ notice is required for vacation and unpaid time off.  Exception can only be made under extraordinary circumstances.  Sick time is accumulated at the rate of 6 days per year.  You can carry over all of your sick time and bank up to 60 days of sick time.  Eight hours of notice is required for paid sick time.

We have an open door policy at the ABC Company.  If you ever have any issues, questions, or concerns, you may voice them to you direct supervisor.  If they are unable to assist you, you may voice your concern to his or her direct supervisor.  A flow chart of command will be included in your employee manual handbook.

What This Accomplishes:  It gives a very basic overview of benefits and policies.  It is not a policy manual in any way, but it gives the new employee an idea of what to expect.  This type of sample letter can be used with almost any type of company and adjusted to meet personal and company needs.

New Hire Orientation Letter Example

Hello and welcome to the XYZ Company.  We know you will enjoy your time working for us.  We would like to take a few minutes to simply give you a mini-orientation, which will be followed up with a tour of the facility and complete orientation on your first day.

Breaks:  You will be allowed two rest breaks of 15 minutes each and half hour lunch.  Times will vary, depending on the needs of the plant.

Tobacco:  Tobacco products are not allowed on the premises of the XYZ Company.

Performance Reviews:  You will be given a performance review after three months, six months, one year, and annually on your anniversary dates.  Raises may be offered at this time.

Emergency Weather:  Please see the emergency weather protocol located in your employee handbook.

Restrooms:  Restrooms are in multiple locations.  A map is attached for your review.

Chain of Command:  We do not believe in the chain of command model many companies use.  If you have an issue that only the plant manager can handle, you are free to go to him or her first.

Time Off:  A complete explanation of paid and unpaid time off accumulation is included in this employee manual.

Training:  We offer an excellent training program and are constantly looking for ways to improve.  If you have suggestions to improve our program, please let us know.

Promotions:  We try to hire from within whenever possible, but reserve the right to look outside of the XYZ Company when needed.   All employees are encouraged to apply for open positions as they are posted in the employee lounge.

As you review your employee handbook manual, please make a note of any questions you might have and ask them during your orientation and training.  We sincerely want you to succeed.

What This Accomplishes:  It is rather basic in nature, but it goes over some of the most common concerns newly hired employees are likely to ask.  For this reason, it is good to serve as a prelude to the manual they will receive.