Following the sample inventory reporting on the infobarrels I have, now there is another in the series of infobarrels about infobarrels, in which I look at the costs and hidden expenses incurred in calculating a sample expense report of the infobarrels that time has been used to write. Time is after all a valuable resource for everyone, but to varying extents in different phases of life.

Generally the base line is seeing whether the way you have been going about doing infobarrels is worth it, and whether you need to undertake some drastic changes in the way you are going about things. An infobarrel is one of the articles you undertake to write on Infobarrel, which is one of the more loved and well regarded mega site out there, that gives some remuneration back to its writers. Although criticisms have been leveled at its placement and format, it still gives a rather generous cut of 75% back to its writers which you are unlikely to find so high anywhere else.

The concept is easy to learn, and might revolutionize the way you write in the future. The key is to obtain a right mix between writing for leisure and fun and writing for the revenue cut and drawing a balance of in between which is the case for most people. If you take 10 infobarrel writers together they will probably have 11 opinions on whether they are writing for fun or for the monetary cut. The best mix I have found is to have a core few articles of your own pleasure, as well as spending the effort to read more about the way to increase revenue, and have certain more commercial articles so that you can balance out your earnings for some nice perks.

Lets say you have 50 articles or intend to write 50 articles and place them on infobarrel for the world to see, you might want to have a mix of 20 next to the heart personal articles perhaps short stories or personal experiences, as well as a mix of leisure writing. The other 30 might be more commercial, perhaps you could delegate a few of them to the charity infobarrels, where the earnings there are converted to a good cause. You might want to link up some of those hubs, and place a separate tracking channel for them, and maybe add book stores from annazon or the like to have some passive and background income from them. Even if it might not amount to much, they can make up for the cost of a week's grocery if you happen to strike upon good barrels.

As a result you have some form of a work life balance within the infobarrels here. For your leisure, you gain enough pleasure from the writing itself. As for the more workish infobarrels then you might want to look at them as you would if you were writing and cashing in through a sample expense report. You would want to see if the time you had spent is resulting in appropriate rewards. A good way is to take the time you spent writing an article and determine how many articles in the working category you can produce in an hour. Perhaps you took 10 hours to write 30 articles, then your rate is 3 articles per hour. Or alternatively you could look at the earnings you have made in the month, and divided by the time you had spent and compare it to the minimum wage in your country if applicable. If it is more, then you have in effect made money out of nowhere, writing about something you like to do.