As was covered in a slightly earlier infobarrel, I have been working on a wordpress blog called timeisanexpense. As was mentioned there its original purpose was actually to support to my infobarrel by giving it a bit of people moving in but was not really able to do so as my infobarrels simply chugged by and had far eclipsed any expectations that could be levied. In the end, the blog became one where I could spout random stuff in a place about things and ruminations of the daily tedium. The following are some of my thoughts in a sample expense report if you do intend on sprouting wordpress out for your infobarrels.

The first thing to note is that you cannot make the mistake of leaving it unattended. Unlike infobarrel, nothing will happen in wordpress if you leave it for a few weeks, whereas in infobarrel due to its powerful internal structure and love from engines it quickly gains momentum and becomes something to be noted and you will see comments flowing through. For wordpress this is not so, you have to actively engage other people in your area and ask for friendly referrals which might be a problem if there are no other bloggers in your industry! If you do not have time to manage so active an obligation, it might be better to stick with making more infobarrels for now!

I pretty much gave up the fight after a few blog posts! Even now I have 15 posts in total, a paltry sum. From the findings of other people, making a blog is actually an active income and is very far from passive, unlike infobarrel. Since I have to be busy during certain parts of the year in the day the need for passive flow is far more important to me and is far more favorable than having to post and guest post constantly to achieve some greens. As a result infobarrel is far better for my needs, and that was what I realized with the wordpress blog.

As of now, the segment that time is an expense is shall be devoted to my thoughts about the value of time, instead of say finding a channel for my sample expense report. Earlier on I had mentioned how time should be handled if it was money. That is all the more so now as the financial world has been greatly shaken up and people are starting to smell something fishy with the way banks have been doing things. It remains to be seen how the world will continue on its slow spin around the sun and whether the market is due for another crash. I will in the meantime continue working on things likesample expense report and increasing my knowledge.

If it is really headed for another crash however, your time will become all the more important, and income from sources like infobarrel will be ever the more important as the chances for retrenchment increases due to bad tidings. In that a wordpress blog has in my experience not been the best use of your time as I have seen only 3 digit view figures in my time writing posts. In its defense I have not spent much time getting the word out for it, so use wordpress if you intend to be a blogger, but wordpress other wise. It may even be better if you can use both to their ideal intended effect which I had been unable to do for my time and expense snip.