Samsara Perfume and Gift Collection For Men and Women Make The Perfect Gift!


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For a woman, having the right scent to complete your outfit is essential.  Women like to smell nice in general and like to have scents to match their moods and personality. For some women, their perfume collection is as extensive as their shoe and purse collection-and just as important. While on the other hand, some women just wear one or two scents throughout their whole lifetime because they connect with that particular fragrance.  The Samsara Perfume by Guerlain Gift  set is perfect for any woman because it is a great scent. The line comes complete with perfume, body mist, body lotion and a nice gift set that you can get for yourself or for someone special.



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The MAIN reason why men wear fragrances may not be the same, but the end result-smelling good and feeling good about how you smell is the same.  I can remember when the scent for men was Calvin Klein’s Obsession. It used to be that men only had a small selection of scents to choose from, but today, men are being catered to like nothing before. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson and Usher all have fragrance lines catering to not only women, but men as well.  Michael Jackson even has scented wipes-which could possibly be meant as a joke, but they still exist. The Samsara Perfume by Guerlain gift set collection is great for men because of it has a wonderful array of products and choices.  Great choice for yourself or as a gift for someone else.


Body Wash/Soap

Both men and women enjoy body washes; especially as a base for their perfumes, mists and cologne.  Body washes themselves have come a long way and now incorporate great botanicals and other wonderful ingredients for yours skin. Today’s body washes smell almost good enough to eat, and for the most part contain ingredients that love your skin and pamper your skin. For those who cannot use body wash, most companies also have soaps with the scents of their fragrances.  Washing with the body wash or soap and then spraying on your scent is the best way to make sure the fragrances last all day.  You will be turning heads whether you are smelling like roses or deep woodsy musk. The Samsara Perfume by Guerlain gift set is a perfect addition to your bath collection.


Gift Sets

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I personally LOVE gift sets. They are fun to get in the mail and fun to open.  Getting a gift set from someone else is a wonderful feeling, but so is sending one to yourself and opening it while whiffing in the beautiful fragrant of choice.  When you the Samsara Perfume by Guerlain gift sets, they usually have everything you need in it so there is no need to purchase anything separately unless you want extras. If you are like me, you’ll need extras.  Gift baskets are just a wonderful gift for men, women and teens. Not to mention, they look wonderful as a display until you are ready to use them. They also make wonderful gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Secretary Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day or just to say “thank you.”



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