If you've done any research regarding affordable, quality microphones for podcasting or voice-over, you've more than likely encountered a little gadget known as the Samson (not Samsung) Q2U. It's a dynamic USB microphone that also has XLR output. If you're considering buying this piece of equipment, read on for an in-depth analysis.


This is the microphones biggest strength. I purchased one of these for about 50 bucks on Amazon as part of a podcasting package. That's a great deal right off the bat. This microphone need only perform moderately well for it to be worth the money. Considering a lot of prosumer microphones can run you up $200+ dollars, this microphone is definitely worth your consideration.


The build quality of this device is excellent for its price. The construction feels very sturdy, and the mic has some weight, alluding to its metal components. It definitely isn't your average desktop microphone. All in all, its a well-built piece of equipment.

As for sound quality, it is well worth its cost. It isn't a condenser mic, but rather a dynamic one. Therefore, the sound quality is not as accurate as one of its professional counterparts. But for $50 dollars, this is one of the best you can get.


This mic has a built-in on/off switch, as well as a headphone port for zero-latency monitoring. There are two buttons for adjusting the monitor volume. The microphone outputs to a USB port for use with a computer, and an XLR for those of you with audio interfaces.

You can get a cheap podcasting pack for this microphone, which includes a USB cable, a desktop tripod and a foam cover. This package cost me a total of $50. In fact, I didn't see the microphone for sale by itself for any less that the cost of the podcasting package.


This mic may be a decent option in its price range, but there are a few downsides. First of all, the quality is understandably lower than that of a professional grade studio mic. Also, it isn't applicable for all situations. While it records voices well, it falls short when it comes to recording guitar and piano, and possibly other instruments as well.

It doesn't have a two-way pickup pattern either, which some other similarly-priced items (such as the Blue Yeti) offer. It basically just has the one cardioid pattern.

This mic is good at voice-over and podcasting, but it isn't a jack of all trades. If you plan on recording music and instruments, you might want to choose something else.


This microphone is an excellent microphone for anyone wanting to get started with podcasting or voice-over. It has an excellent frequency response, and the quality is superb for its price. While it may not perform as well as a professional microphone, its much cheaper.

This is a great microphone for the beginner who wants to upgrade his or her recording to the next level without breaking the bank.