Samsung 46 Inch LCD TV Review

Samsung 46 Inch LCD TV Review (28851)


Sharp, clear picture

Reasonable price

Can be hung on the wall or placed on a stand


Cost was at the top of our budget

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Our old television died, and we purchased the Samsung 46 inch LCD TV. We are happy with the choice we made.

When our old television died, we were very disappointed since we had only had this Sony for five years. We really expected a longer life from that TV. We searched online, by model number, for problems with this television, and then called local repair shops to get an estimated cost to repair the television. Based on the estimated cost to repair our old TV, we decided to replace it. A local charity, which has someone on staff to fix televisions, was called, and they gladly picked up the TV.

Now we needed to focus on selecting a new television. Going online, we looked up information on Plasma, LCD, LED, and LCD LED TVs. With this information in hand, we decided to go to a warehouse club first to compare picture quality and to decide on the size we wanted.

We were then ready to go to a store and hear what a sales person could add to the information we already had. We visited two chain retailers who sell electronics and learned a little more to help us with our selection. Since we needed a stand for the new TV, we did our shopping for that while we were in these stores. While shopping, we carried a notebook and wrote down the information we needed to make comparisons.

We narrowed the search down to two manufacturers and two sizes. Our favorite was the Samsung 46 inch LCD TV because of picture quality and company reliability. But it was at the top of our price range. If we purchased the other TV, we could get a larger size screen for a lesser price, but we were not as comfortable with the manufacturer.

Enough shopping. It was now time to go home with all our notes to check reviews and facts on the computer.

The next morning, we were prepared to make our purchase. We decided to purchase the Samsung 46 inch LCD TV, and checking our notebook, we knew who had the best price on the model we wanted. We asked a friend, who has a truck, to come along and help us haul our new TV and stand home. Purchasing it from a warehouse store saved us a great deal of money.

After getting the TV home, it was easy to assemble the base, and slip the TV onto the base. The TV is not heavy, but the size is awkward to handle; two of us held it, while another screwed it to the base. Another option for the Samsung 46 inch LCD TV is to hang it on the wall.

In Closing

We are very pleased with our selection of the Samsung 46 inch LCD TV. It has an excellent picture, and the increase in size (our old TV was 36 inches) is perfect for our home. Even though we paid more to get the Samsung 46 inch LCD TV, we feel we made the right choice based on the company's quality record.