I have used this Samsung 52 inch LCD Flat Panel HDTV - LN52A850 for two weeks as of now. When I went to the market for buying a big LCD player, I had complete intentions of buying another Sony Television like my previous one. I was always impressed with the picture quality of my Sony XBR2 and I was expecting to buy the next model XBR4. But I came to know only after asking to the retailers that XBR4 model has been discontinued by Sony.

I was looking at all the models available there and I had some attraction coming from Samsung models also though I have always been a favorite of Sony. But I was concerned about the Sparkle issue with the Sony Televisions which I came to know from the internet. So, my attention turned towards Samsung and the models were captivating. I saw the demos of both brands and played around and tweaked with setting on both. I liked the picture quality of A850 model in Samsung compared to Sony. I thought to myself that the TV must have been designed by a sports freak just like me. The colors in Samsung 52 inch LCD Flat Panel HDTV - LN52A850 were vibrant and much better than Sony. The Sony models did not have the slight edge on details and the images were grainy and pixilated, while the Samsung models had much smoother texture and overall image quality was much better. The A650 model has swiveling stands and the A850 is one of the best designs and looked more stylish than other models. But one small thing which I was worried was that whether there would any reflection on screen surface because I had to place the TV in hall where there was more sunlight.

I have placed my Samsung 52 inch LCD Flat Panel HDTV - LN52A850 in the living room and there are two windows through which there is much exposure to sunlight. But I have not had any problems like reflection on screen surface. The viewing in daytime is not a big issue. The Blu Ray DVDs looks amazing on my new Samsung television. There are many controls for adjustment and tweaking of the picture and Samsung aims in giving the users an ideal experience in viewing movies and pictures. The Samsung brands come with SD (Standard Definition) programming that beats Sony and the HD movies looks superb in them.

One drawback with this TV is the AMP mode with which the Blu Rays look very bad. But I came to know after that most users turn off the AMP mode usually. The Sound is very good and the TV has excellent picture quality. There is some built-in content which looks funny. There are some small games which look funny and would be liked by kids in our home. We can play the pictures as slideshows and movies from our memory cards using the USB port available with the TV. Overall I am happy with my purchase of Samsung 52 inch LCD Flat Panel HDTV - LN52A850.