During the recent years, the market of Smartphones has not only considerably expanded, it has become almost saturated due to the involvement of various tech giants in the development process. This is certainly great news for the users who, with every successive release, have more options and variety of phones to choose from. Samsung Smartphones are among the highly demanded Smartphones in the market and now it has become the second largest manufacturer of Smartphones after Apple.

During 2010 and 2011, the increase in the popularity of Smartphones developed by Samsung has gained momentum and the popularity of Smartphones has even surpassed iPhone in Western Europe and North America. One major reason in this popularity is the range that is available to the users in Samsung Smartphones. Most of the Smartphones being developed use Android as their OS. Smartphones released under the Galaxy series are probably the closest competitors of Apple’s iPhone. Galaxy S III is the latest and most popular Smartphone from Samsung which has been recently released.

The previous version of this series is the Samsung Galaxy S II which is available with the name of Epic 4G Touch runs on a 1 GHz dual core processor and has support for the 4G networks. A 4.52 Super AMOLED screen is the distinguishing feature of Galaxy series phones. The version of Galaxy S II that comes under contract with AT&T has a bit different specifications. For this device, the screen size happens to be 4.27 inches and a 1.2 GHz dual core processor is utilized in the device.

Another version of Galaxy S II comes under contract with T-Mobile whose distinguishing feature is 8 mega pixels camera which also provides the facility of 1080p HD video recording. Other than Galaxy series, there are various other Smartphones from Samsung also available in the market. The number of Smartphones manufactured by Samsung surpasses any other manufacturer. Samsung Epic 4G is another latest phone from Samsung that is available unlocked as well as under contract with Sprint.

With the collaboration of Sprint, Samsung has also released Samsung Conquer 4G which is relatively lower in price. Some other noteworthy Smartphones from Samsung include Samsung Nexus Prime and Nexus S which comes under contract with AT&T, Samsung Dart T499, Samsung Admire, Samsung Gravity Smart and Samsung Vitality etc.

During the recent few months, Samsung has developed Android based Smartphones more than any other competitor in the market which clearly depicts the popularity of these phones.

Good thing about Smartphones from Samsung is that they have a complete access to Samsung Media Hub where users can watch thousands of movies and TV shows. Since these phones are Android based, they also provide an access to thousands of apps from Android app store.

Samsung Smartphones have dominated the market in a very little time and the pace at which the popularity of these phones is increasing certainly indicates a bright future for Samsung in the Smartphones industry. Samsung has already surpassed Apple in North America and Western Europe and with the collaboration of Google Android, this trend would certainly continue in near future.