Samsung Android Phones – To Opt or Not!

Android phones have captured the cell phone market globally. The technology is not only user friendly but also has a lot of open platform development options which has prompted a lot application development, which has led to further popularity.

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of cell phones and is known for its innovative and sleek mobile designs. Now, with the customer being educated, just good designs for cell phones, don’t work. The phone needs to provide great functionality as well as wonderful apps to use. In order to cater to the increasing demand of this market there have been a few Samsung Android phones that have been launched. These phones combine the effective design of the cell phones from the company with the usability and functionality offered by an android platform. However, it is important to understand whether these two combined together offer a good product or not.

The Samsung Android Phones

There have been a series of android phones that the company has launched, the popular ones being Galaxy S, good amount of credit should go to the great designing of these models as well as the useful Android OS used. Among the popular Samsung Android phones, the Galaxy S and the Nexus S 4G seem to be the best sellers. The sales are surprisingly high even though both these phones belong to a substantially high price range.

The Galaxy S – Super Samsung Android Phone

While the Nexus S 4G has made some waves as well, the Galaxy S seems to be reigning supreme in the global market. It is probably a Samsung Android phone that has registered a very high number of sales and is also quite popular among the users. Some of the features that make this cell phone a big success include the great exterior. The sleek and clean appearance can go well with the teenagers as well as the professional users. This enhances the chances of the phone appealing to different ages.

The Amoled display is also a great addition as it adds to the joy of using the phone and getting great clarity. Most of the latest versions of the phone come with an Android 2.2 OS which is simply superb. 1 Ghz processor also ensures that the phone is very fast and you can afford to have a lot of applications on your cell phone without worrying about the browsing speed of the phone.

Along with the above features, a wide screen and the ability to support 4G, the Galaxy S is also quite an easy to carry cell phone. With so many options and features, there is not a lot of thought required to why this is the best bet among the various Samsung Android phones.

Samsung android infuse 4g android smartphone

Other Samsung Androids

While the Galaxy S is a superior phone, the other Samsung Android based phones are also reasonable in the performance and price. In case you want a reliable cell phone that is sleek, functional with the ability to support a great number of applications, opt for an Android phone from Samsung.