Stainless steel is in, but so is black when it comes to appliances, and you can get a Samsung black Fridge Freezer that would work perfectly in any style of kitchen.

Kitchen updates can be the most expensive part of any house renovation, and many people choose at this time to upgrade their appliances.  Stainless steel goes well with most kitchens, but if you are looking for bit more of a bold statement, then going with black is another great choice that is evergreen.  (will still be in style for many years to come)

But refrigerators can be the most expensive of the usual appliance purchases for the kitchen.  You can have freezers on top or bottom or swing doors or drawers, you have to make a decisionSamsung Black Fridge FreezerCredit: Amazon when you are designing your kitchen as to which model would be more practical.

Many people don’t realize that Samsung is not just in the electronic stores anymore, they have ventured out into the appliances, and I personally have had very good luck with a Samsung bottom freezer refrigerator.  Mine was in stainless steel and is still going strong.

But if you would like a bottom freezer and also French door style, then you can also get a Samsung in this larger capacity.

Samsung RF217ACBP 20 cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator - Black Pearl

The French door style of this Samsung black fridge freezer allows you to get into one side of the fridge without opening the entire fridge.  You have many options with this style and they are created in larger capacities such as this 20 cubic foot model.

These newer models are designed to run quietly and very efficiently compared to the old models.  But as with any new purchase you can get many bells and whistles that will add to the bottom line.  You need to decide while updating your kitchen the size of fridge you will require for your kitchen, and the style of doors that would work best in your space.

These newer fridges will let you know if you leave the door open too long, and have electronic readings so you know that your fridge and freezer are at the right temperature.

The freezer on the bottom allows for more useable room in the refrigerator, as the top shelf is now in view and the freezer can hold quite a large capacity of frozen food in a smooth operating drawer.

You can use this freezer instead of a separate chest freezer.  The fridge is the main part of the kitchen and you want it to hold everything you need and also look good.  Black appliances look really nice against darker wood cabinets and some of the granite or stone countertops. 

If you are looking for an affordable appliance then check out the Samsung black fridge freezer in the appliance stores or also check them out in many of the big box electronic stores as they are also carrying appliances. 

If you are particular on black appliances, then checking online is another great option, as there is more variety and you can get familiar with the prices.  This is a big investment, and shopping online will allow you to see more styles and models.  Sites such as Amazon carry good deals on Samsung appliances, let your fingers do the surfing and get the black appliances you are looking for at an affordable price.