The Samsung Chromebook, powered by Google, is making a huge splash in the laptop computer industry.

For the first time ever, a non-PC and non-mac computer is actually gaining traction and selling units even to the point of becoming a Amazon bestseller!

This is not an easy task!  Let's learn more about this amazing laptop from Google and Samsung!

Samsung Chromebook Review

The Samsung Chromebook features a dazzling 11 inch screen, slim size and boots up in under 10 seconds!  This amazing notebook has so many features that trump other netbooks and small notebooks, has the backing of the Google name, and a lot of great, valuable features that I've outlined below.


This laptop is revolutionary in that it is specially designed to not slow down over time. I know that this is a major plus, as I have a aging, 4 year old MacBook Pro that feels slow due to all the junk I've filled it up with!

This laptop, however, has been designed from the ground up to never slow down, and to always have a zippy startup and fast webpage loads.  It even features no fans or moving parts, which keeps it incredibly quiet and prevents breakdowns in the future!  I wouldn't be surprised if these stay running for 6 or more years!

Operating System

You may also be wondering, "If the Chromebook doesn't run Windows or Mac, will I even know how to use it?"

Samsung Chromebook ReviewCredit:

This is a legitimate concern, as throwing the word "Linux" out there often makes people think they have to be a computer professional to know what's going on.

But again, this is where Google steps in and makes life awesome.  The Chromebook is specially designed with a very light setup of Linux which allows you to operate the computer to it's full potential with only the knowledge of running a web browser.

That's right, if you can use Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Chrome, you have all the knowledge necessary to run this laptop!  So what are you waiting for?

Other Specs

Also included in the specs is an amazing 2GB of RAM, a 16 GB Solid State Hard Drive, a/b/g/n Wifi and a 1.7 Ghz processor!  You would think such a inexpensive machine would lack these features, but you'd be wrong!  Throw a generous 1-year warranty on top of that and you've got support that rivals Apple in a $250 laptop computer!

In addition to the technical specs, the Chromebook also features 100GB of free storage on Google Drive for 2 years!  This is a $120 value, rolled into the $250 netbook.  If you haven't been sold yet, this feature alone should get you buying!  Google is practically giving away massive storage on their drive for FREE, and all of your information will be backed up to the cloud for safety!

Samsung Chromebook Review - Conclusion

If you are in need of a fast, reliable, lightweight notebook, look no further than this laptop by Google and Samsung.  At a tiny price, you get amazing value, security, and a easy to use interface.