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Inexpensive, but picture quality is OK for the money
DLP Lamp is easy enough for anyone to replace themselves


DLP televisions picture quality degrades with viewing angle
DLP Lamp brightness withers out over time
DLP televisions have moving parts (Color Wheels and Fans), where LCD, LED, and Plasma DO NOT
All 5 people that i personally know who have DLP televisions have had problems with them within the first year or two.

Full Review

I recently junked my 46" Samsung 720p High Definition Television. I had always liked and still prefer the samsung brand, but had too much go wrong with this television. I also had 3 other friends who bought samsung DLP televisions around the same time that I did and they have had nothing but problems as well. I shouldve known when i first bought it and the TV didnt turn on. I got errors and had to bring the freshly unboxed television back to bestbuy. I bought the television for about $1400 back in December of '07. I didnt purchase an extended warranty which i now regret. About one month after the manufacturers warranty expired, the television started turning itself off. It would then take about 30 minutes to turn back on. When i pressed the power button, i would hear a high pitched noise that sounded like something was grinding. It was very faint, and barely noticable. After a few weeks of this sporadic behavior I decided to call samsung. I explained the scenario and the LED diagnistic codes. They had informed me that the three blinking lights were an indicator that the lamp needed to be replaced. I went online and purchased the replacement bulb based on samsung techincal supports recommendation. I installed the bulb, and much to my dismay, the problem was still present. I researched online and called samsung back. They now informed me that it was the color wheel. I looked at a few online guides to replacing this peice, but ultimately decided to just purchase a new television. I went out to P.C. Richards and bought a nice new 46" Samsung 1080p LCD. I also made sure to purchase an extended warranty on this television due to previous experiences. When the DLP television was working it was great. It was really great for video games and Blu-ray movies. The only problem was that unless you are seated directly in front of a DLP the image gets darker and harder to see based on your viewing angle.

In Closing

In closing, I have had a bad experience with the Samsung 46" DLP Television. My friends had problems with their Samsung 50" DLP televisions. I cannot speak for other DLP manufacturers, but I will never buy or recommend DLPs to anyone based on the experience i had with mine.