Samsung Makes Cameras

Samsung SH100Credit: Amazon

Samsung is a large manufacturing company that is famous for making mobile phones along with many other kinds of electronics. They manufacture HDTV and other video components as well. Many people do not know that they also produce digital cameras. The SH100 is a capable camera that may be worth a look from many people.

The Samsung SH100 digital is a great little camera, packed with features. It is a small format device that easily fits in your hand. The small size is deceiving, however. This camera is a 14 megapixel device. This allows great photos to be taken which can be enlarged to show very fine details. In addition to photos, the camera allows videos to be made.

The Samsung SH100 ships without a memory module and it does not have any built in memory. As a result, it must be loaded with a memory stick before it can be used. It does accept standard SD memory cards so purchasing a memory stick is not expensive. If an 8GB card is loaded, the camera will be able to store many hundreds of photographs or hours of video recordings. The camera will accept larger storage cards as well. In testing, the plain memory sticks, rather than the ultra models, worked well with the camera. These are available at a lower cost, especially in the 8GB size.

The Samsun SH100 is also an Internet device. This allows the camera to connect to popular web photosharing sites, and Facebook. For example, while visiting a local restaurant, a patron was able to take a photograph of a dining party, access the Internet via the restaurant's WiFi and post a photo to a FaceBook page in seconds. This adds  a degree of spontaneity that is quite exciting. In addition to FaceBook, the camera is configured to work with Photobucket and several other photo sites. Unfortunately, it is designed to connect to free access points. If an available WIFI is protected, the camera will connect if the access password is entered but it does not save the settings. As a result, subsequent connections to the same protected site require that the same access password be entered. This is difficult as most codes are designed to be difficult to type such as A3skaDjfadsk3.

This camera is very capable of taking many amazing photographs and is able to accomplish a wide range of tasks. Since it is a point and shoot model, many of the shots are automatic and quite excellent. Processing with a photo editing program can expand the value of the shot. Each photo can be expanded to show details. Color balancing can be performed. This is a 14 megapixel camera, remember, so it does take amazing shots to begin with.

Another feature that is provided by the camera is the ability to adjust certain image settings. The camera can be used as a black and white unit. This adds a feeling of nostalgia to the produced shots. As well, various borders can be added to the shots. This feature is less useful, but some owners may appreciate the look.

The SH100 comes with a small stylus that is used to select camera features via the touch screen. This feature allows a much finer control of the camera rather than the feel experienced when a person touches the screen with their finger. The stylus is connected to the camera by clipping it to the carrying strap so it remains easy to use at all times. A slight amount of practice enables the user to effectively manage the camera with the stylus.

The camera's rear view screen is quite large and is a full color display. Generally, it is quite useable for most photographic purposes. In certain cases, however, the screen may be overcome with ambient daylight. There is now separate viewing window besides the view screen. This causes users to sometimes take photos that cannot be adequately staged. The answer is generally to take more shots, review them in the computer and selectively crop areas of the photos. Since the photos are taken with a 14 megapixel sensor, they are usually quite crisp.

Eiffel Tower, Paris CasinoCredit: Javrsmith

The SH100 seems to take excellent pictures even in low light or while moving. That said, it can be difficult to obtain perfect focusing during low light conditions. The camera does have a tripod mounting screw but this accessory is likely to be seldom used by owners. Instead, take photos at night by grounding the camera on a solid object such as a fence or wall. Press the image button and hold the camera extremely steady. This may result in a perfect photograph even in low light conditions. Such a photographic technique was recently used with the Samsung SH100 camera in Las Vegas. At the strip, the camera was used to take a photograph of the Paris Casino Eiffel Tower landmark at night. Photos of the tower taken freehand were rather blurry due to the focus. As the camera attempts to gather more light, it keeps the lens open longer. This results in a blurry picture since the user is unable to hold the camera still for the duration of the photograph. For the Las Vegas picture, the camera was firmly held on a wall some distance from the Paris Casino. The shutter button was pressed, allowing the camera to process the shot. Seconds later, the shot was stored in the camera. Since the camera was not moved during the shot, the photograph was clear and in focus. Even with the flash feature turned off, a good photo was made using this technique.

Anyone looking for a good photographic camera may be quite interested in the Samsung SH100. This model of point and shoot camera is small and easy to use. Available at a competitive price, it comes with impressive features, such as the 14 megapixel rating. Such a capability allows photographers to take shots of wide landscape scenes and zoom in to show enhanced details. This is a great feature to have. The fact that the camera is available at an affordable price adds to its usefulness. The Samsung SH100 camera is a unit that may be able to replace many larger, and more expensive, camera models and give the photographer a device that is easy to use and able to get a quick shot.