Slide mechanism

One of the first things you notice about the Samsung E60 e-reader is the slide mechanism, which will remind you of several slide-phones that Samsung has on the market. The buttons to operate the menu seem to be hidden at first, but appear when you slide the screen up. You have to move the screen firmly upwards, since it gives considerable resistance. The advantage of this slide mechanism is that the e-reader is fairly compact when you're reading you're e-book with the device in the closed position.

The Samsung E60 has a modern design, offers 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth 2.0 and a 6 inch, 8-gray scale e-ink display that manages 800×600 resolution. The e-ink display of the E60, contrary to the Apple iPad, does not make use of any backlighting and therefore is very relaxing to read text; the reading experience is almost identical to reading a 'real' book. An e-ink display is also better readable in direct sunlight.

E-ink displays also have disadvantages: external lighting is always required, just like you would need reading a traditional book. Another disadvantage is the lack of a color display.

The Samsung E60 device has 2GB of internal memory (1,500 books), but the e-reader also has an external microSD card slot that expands to 16GB.

Stylus and touchscreen
Samsung E60 e-readerThe Samsung E60 supports the most common formats of this moment, like txt, PDF, epub, JPG, BMP and MP3. Some e-readers don't display PDF files properly, but the E60 does a good job. The touch screen of the e-reader responds quickly and accurately and taking notes with the stylus on this device is an enjoyable experience.

It has built-in front speakers and a headphone jack and the Samsung E60 e-reader also has a MP3-player.You will use the stylus regularly while reading. If you press the stylus on the screen, then you get different menu options, such as adjusting the font size, text-to-speech functionality and making notes.

The navigation through the menus and turning pages is quick. Samsung claims that E60's processor is one of the fastest on the market, but you don't really notice that. The device is just as fast as comparable e-readers.

In practice you will read your e-books with the slider closed, since this is the most comfortable. For navigation you'll generally use the menu buttons behind the slider.

Not an average e-reader
With a dictionary and a built-in agenda, the Samsung E60 is not an average e-reader. The calendar can sync with Outlook, so you can keep your calender up-to-date on the e-reader. It also has EmoLink technology, which enables users to share content between other Samsung e-readers.

The Samsung device also remembers at which page you stopped reading last time, and it even goes back for you a few lines to help you get back into the story and pick up where you left last time.

The Samsung E60 e-reader offers 5 different font sizes and the desired size of the font can be adapted any time.

There are various accessories for the Samsung E60 e-reader available, for instance AC-adapters and covers for to protect your device.