Are you looking for the best replacement battery deals online? Your phone is your lifeline to the world. It is the way you interact with others, check up on friends, and get stuff organized for work, school, and more. As much power as your phone gives you, it also needs a little juice now and then.  While a cellphone battery is not something you generally think about, it becomes crucial once you have lost or broken it. If you are looking to replace your  battery and do not want to spend a ton of cash going back to the retailer, here are some great places online to find a battery compatible with your phone at a price you can afford. 

 New Or Used Samsung Epic 4G Touch Battery Deals

Many bargain hunters' first reaction to needing a new battery would be to head to, and with some good reason. Amazon hosts an assortment of products in the technology and electronics world that are convenient, easy to order, and can be purchased using a gift card. A quick search on Amazon finds that you can buy a new battery for less than $15 dollars, as well as used batteries ranging from just  $6- $16 dollars. While Amazon is largely dependable and affordable, something to keep in mind is the nature of Amazon. Unlike other websites, Amazon is a hub for a variety of sellers, meaning you are not guaranteed an Amazon product or Amazon quality, depending on which merchant you order from. Amazon is a great option, however. 

Where To Find The Extended Life Samsung Epic 4G Touch Battery

Gorilla Gadgets is a Tech Nerd's safe haven. Hosting a variety of products both retail and wholesale, they are a great site from which to purchase replacement parts. Gorilla Gadgets advertises both replacement and extended life versions of this product. In addition to their already low prices,  Gorilla Gadgets is known for having seasonal sales, coupons, and more. They are well worth checking out if you are on a budget.. 

DayDeal, despite their somewhat cheesy slogan ("we cell everything") is a known and reputable dealer of cell phones and accessories. In addition to having regularly stocked versions of all cell parts and accessories, DayDeal is known for their compreSamsung Epic 4G Touch Battery Standard ReplacementCredit: customer service, so you do not have to worry about ordering the wrong thing. Likewise, their secure ordering system and free shipping means no extra unexpected expenses show up on your bill. For $30 dollars, they offer you the battery in perfect condition.

If these retailers have you uneasy or unconvinced, you can always go directly to the Samsung website. While the initial price of the battery may be higher than competitors, they offer a money back guarantee and extended service warranty, saving you future expenses.