Samsung is the top seller in electronics. They're the worlds largest electronics company worldwide. Samsung has specialized in technology for over 70 years. Samsung provides some of the best digital electronics. One of Samsung's four specializes is LCD digital appliances. Samsung flat screen TVs are some of the best television monitors to purchase for your home. They're known for their crystal clear high resolution pictures. It's always best to shop by a recommended product brand with a good reputation. Obviously everyone wants quality that also meets low prices. Samsung flat screen TVs provide high resolution pictures, quality audio, and can be bought online for reasonable prices. Finding Samsung flat screen TVs for sale online can save you some money. Wide screen television sets can cost quite a bit of money. The bigger the inch LCD screen it is, then obviously the more expensive the flat screen TV. Finding ones for sale under retail prices can sometimes save you hundreds of dollars. Down below are some of the Samsung flat screen TVs for sale online under retail listed prices.

Samsung 20" LCD Flat Screen TVs

The Samsung 20" widescreen flat-panel monitor has gotten rave reviews online for its low price, features, image quality, and design. An all around great Samsung wide screen TV that's versatile, cheap, and provides an almost real life crisp picture for your living room. You can't beat quality and cheap prices when it comes to this 20" LCD flat screen. Some of the key features included are VGA and DVI cables, 250 cd/m2 brightness, 1600 x 900 brightness for a clear and visible picture, 170 degree horizontal angle, 160 degree vertical angle, 1000:1 contrast ratio, and a very fast pixel color change to avoid any blurry distorted pictures. It's a one of a kind 20" screen. It's sorta of a small flat screen TV, but not too small that it can't be used as the family television monitor for your living room. It's not very hard to set up by yourself. An owner's manual comes with your purchase. You can find this flat screen on sale for just $160 dollars online at bestbuy. A $29.99 four year protection plan can be included with your purchase.


Samsung 2033SW 20-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor
Amazon Price: $199.97 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 11, 2013)

Samsung 32 inch LCD TV

The Samsung 32 inch LCD TV is your typically standard sized television monitor. Perfect for home use as the family living room TV. Prices aren't too high as well. You can find 32 inch Samsung flat screen TVs for sale online under $500 dollars. The Samsung 1080p fully high definition screens can be found around $500-$600 dollars. The LN32C550 and the LN32C530 are the two best models to purchase online. Both have been given rave reviews for their nearly picture perfect pixels on these Samsung 32 inch LCD TVs. The C530 is going for sale for the cheaper price. It doesn't have quite as many features, but its practically the same flat screen television set. On ebay it's going for the best price for slightly under $500. But it is used, otherwise you can purchase online at retail stores for  brand new for just a tad over a $500 dollars.

The 550 HDTV is just one top quality beautiful Samsung flat screen television that cannot be reckon with when it comes to quality clear images. It's touch of dolor designs assure that this screen can blend in with any color, or light fixture used in your home. It's very easy to install yourself. It's the best Samsung 32 inch LCD TV that can be purchased online that's currently going for sale. Prices for this flat screen, brand new go around $600 dollars. It's going for sale though at some retail shopping stores for prices slightly under $600 dollars. You can purchase it used on ebay for under $500 dollars.

If you had a cheap Samsung 32 inch LCD TV in mind, then the Samsung 32 inch LCD TV - 720p will keep you in the $300 dollar range when shopping online. It's still a very quality picture, it just doesn't have as many features and its picture isn't crystal clear picture like the 550 and 530. Although it's a great product for its price. It's compatible with blue-ray players and DVD players. It's supported by a 720p signals, 5w speakers, and features a game mode picture for video games. Comes with a tabletop stand, remote, and a owner's manual to help you setup on your own. Prices are going for sale online at warehouse central and sears outlet.

Samsung 42 inch LCD Flat Screen TVs

The 42 inch wide screen TVs are going for sale for incredible prices currently if you purchase them used. Retail prices for this brand new screen TV goes for $1,000 dollars, but currently they're going for sale at low prices of just $400 dollars online at and legend micro. They're also going on sale for prices slightly higher at B&H photo video pro audio. Key features include 10,000:1 contrast ratio, 1,300 nits brightness for the highest high resolution crystal clear picture for your home. A beautifully home Samsung 42 inch LCD flat screen television for the entire family to enjoy movies and their favorite television shows on. Built-in speakers are also included.

Samsung 50 inch LCD Flat Screen TVs

A 50" plasma television screen makes you feel like you're at the movies. If you don't mind spending a little money, the Samsung SyncMaster 50" plasma panel - 720p is one nice large plasma display. There are a lot places where you can purchase this television for sale online for some great prices. Some of the great deals going for sale will save you hundreds of dollars. Key features include contrast ration 10000:1 brights 1300 cd/m2, input compatible for VGA, DVI, HDMI, BNC, CVBS, and a high resolution picture of 1366 x 768. One of the key features includes the 1,3000 nits that provides high quality crystal clear pictures. It doesn't come with a stand, but one can be purchased separately. There are a lot of places to purchase for sale online, but the best deals are going at electro zone. Prices are under a $1,000 dollars. Not bad for high quality 50 inch LCD flat screen TV. 

Used Samsung Wide Screen TVs

You can always save a lot of money if you decide to just purchase a used Samsung wide screen TV for home use. Online websites like amazon, ebay, and might have some used flat screen TVs that will save you quite a bit of money. Be sure that you're buying from a reputable seller. I always like ebay personally the best when shopping for used products.