I have owned the Samsung Galaxy Note LTE for almost 7 months now, and I have been very happy with this particular phone. While I am absolutely no android expert, I have owned an android for as long as they have been available, they are pretty useful things but I've always wondered what the real potential of this software could be. 

Enter the Samsung Galaxy Note, while it wasn't available to the US for quite a while after it came out I still waited, and gawked, and wondered at it for months! I had seen so many reviews and videos for the overseas versions, and I debated for a long time with myself if I should wait and finally it surfaced in the U.S. and I was filled with more reviews, unfortunately it had only been around for only a few months so I finally just decided to buy one of my own, I mean it seemed worth it right? So I decided to buy my version used, off of eBay, for around 400$, I don't have a plan like AT&T or T-Mobile (I have Wal-Mart My Family Mobile) so this was about the cheapest I would ever be able to find this phone, and I went for it.

This phone has an 8.0 megapixel camera, completely replacing my regular point and shoot camera, which was a huge plus for me. I no longer need to carry my camera and my phone both around with me at all times, fidgeting around in my purse to find my camera and potentially missing the perfect shot; No more with this phone, in fact this was one of the biggest reason I decided to update from my old android phone to this one, not to mention the screen size which is a whopping 3"x5" horizontally. But what really sealed the deal for me was the S-Pen, I could now have a place for all of my ideas, all of my sketches, and all of my notes without having to literally carry a bunch of pens and paper with me, to me this phone was a god send! However, since I don't have a full-on plan with someone like AT&T I can't really use all the features, like wi-fi hotspot, but I didn't get this phone for that purpose so it really didn't matter. I got this phone because it seemed useful to me and fit my needs. 

The resolution and screen size of this phone made it very easy for me to do all of my school work straight from my phone without having to carry my computer around with me (which is what kept me from hanging out with my friends, a computer in an overnight bag when you are supposed to be catching up with girlfriends just seems rude), it made it so much easier for me to edit and share my photos online to my friends, and the touch screen keyboard was so much easier to use because of the screen size. The actual size of the phone didn't bother me at all either, I am able to hold it up to my ear comfortably, without getting that annoying "wet ear" feeling you get after talking on the phone for a few hours, and if I chose to put it on speaker, everything came out loud and clear, and the mic picked up everything I said from a pretty nice distance. I also no longer have to worry about constantly deleting applications and documents I have saved to my phone because it has 16GB worth of memory built into it already, that is a ridiculous amount of memory and I haven't even touched the half way mark, even after 6 months of usage. 

The only downsides I have to say about this phone is that the S-pen isn't as accurate as it should be, but of course replacements are available for this if you choose to get a cover that has a pen holder in it (which I would recommend a cover for this phone) and there are a lot of apps in the app market that aren't quite compatible with this phone yet, even though it runs on ICS 4.1 for some reason ( I guess do to the resolutions) a lot of camera apps such as pudding camera, camera 360, or pictoreo won't work on this phone, which is fairly disappointing to me because I am huge on taking pictures. I also don't enjoy that the digitizer is glued to the glass screen, and if you are someone like me who drops their phone a lot this is a huge problem, if the screen cracks you have to completely replace the digitizer as well as the screen, even if the phone works perfectly after the crack (Mine works flawlessly still, it's just annoying because you can see the cracks) and this can set you back a few hundred dollars, unless of course you are a tech. wiz.

All-in-all I would review this phone as a 8 out of 10 it is such a great tool to have for people who run busy lives, and want to be able to keep track of everything on the go, it's a great size and runs pretty much like a miniature tablet and it really is worth the money. Samsung still has a few things to work out with this phone, which I am pretty sure they did with the Samsung Galaxy Note II, but it seems like they spent a lot less time on the second then the first, but I guess we will find out soon!