The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 has many great attributes that place it strongly in the category for IPod Touch Alternatives.

Alternatives for IPods have been few and far between, with Apple dominating the MP3 market since the turn on the century, with its superior product garnering a massive fan base. With brand loyalty a vital component in securing large sales, the IPod models range has always been streaks ahead of the competition. Even with technology evolving rapidly and gadgets like phones becoming more and more multi functional, there remains a demand for media players on their own. The Touch  is the most recent of the IPod models on the market at this moment in time. So, is it a must have or are there viable other options? As with everything it depends on your monetary muscle and what exactly you are looking for; but here is perhaps the best IPod Touch alternative you should consider.

IPod Touch(113313)

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0

Not to be confused with the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Player is, for me at least, the biggest competitor out there in the category of an IPod Touch alternative. As with the Touch, the Galaxy aims to provide the full media package to the user; that being music, video and games. As you might expect there are aspects of the Samsung Galaxy that are better than the IPod Touch and there are aspects which do not compare so well. 

One of the areas that the Galaxy excels in is with respect to its camera. For those budding photographers out there the Galaxy’s camera is of a higher quality (3.2 MP beats 0.7) and also comes equipped with a flash. The display screen is larger than the Touch (5" compared to 3.5") and seems to have a better navigation and functionality in my opinion through its use of buttons and widgets. A longer battery life of up to 8 hours for the Galaxy is one of the great advantages over the Touch, especially for those wanting to enjoy their media for long periods of time. 

The obvious downside of having a bigger display is the size of the actual player, making it heavier and considerably harder to slip into a pocket for easy portability. Another point, although it is opinion based, is that the IPod Touch is much sleeker and better on the eye when comparing the two. Access to the ITunes app store and ITunes perhaps weighs to the Touch’s favour as the marketplace is filled with greater quality apps as well as a vaster media collection. It must be said however, that the Android marketplace is growing rapidly so this factor is not quite as influential as it might have once been.

From a financial viewpoint, there is not a huge difference, although it should be said that the Touch is the cheaper option. Taking prices from Amazon, the 8GB Touch costs £140 whilst the 8GB Samsung Galaxy is just under £170.

Samsung Galaxy Player

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0


So, is the Samsung Galaxy Player the best IPod touch alternative? Well, the Apple brand loyalty and domination suggests that those bitten by the Apple bug are likely to disregard this and stick with what is, let’s face it, a very high quality product. The latest of the IPod models is a beautifully crafted piece of technology and well worth the money. But, so is the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0. As has been described earlier, it has many characteristics that more enhanced that its counterpart. For consumers looking to find the best IPod Touch alternative, the Samsung Galaxy Player (if you don’t mind its larger size) is certainly an exciting and reliable choice. Check it out here at Amazon if you are interested in it.