It must have been a sweet headache for the tech nerds at SaZZCredit: sasasmsung to churn out a better product than the widely popular Galaxy S2- a product that literally shattered all previous sales records in the Smartphone space and actually made Samsung a reckoning force in this highly lucrative hyper competitive category , hitherto dominated by bigwigs like Apple and Sony. Andriod fans can be rest assured  that the newest , augmented version exactly achieves that. It is a technological marvel, a Ferrari of Smartphones , with eye popping design and powerhouse performance, fuelled by an irrepressible quad core engine. Apart from flaunting all the regular array of dazzling features one come to expect in a Smartphone, it also sports few unique features which are Smartphone firsts, and which will definitely percolate down to other devices in the future. Make no bones of the fact that this super premium beast  from Samsung, is an improvement on its previous edition in every aspect , and is destined to remain one of the most coveted Smartphones globally for a long time.




The super slick, gorgeous, 4.8 inch whopping  amoled screen,  with pixel resolution of 1280*728 pixel is clearly one of its foremost features. The pixels are tightly jammed together , making it nigh impossible for the human eye to point out individual pixels. If you compare it with S2, even though the colors in S2 were undoubtedly more prominent , but they were somewhat oversaturated. While S3 creates a more pleasing overall appearance, with more detailed and natural colors. The eye popping design reveals in its full glory, while one is accessing HD photos and videos. The touch layer, even though is not as good as that in an iPhone , is much more responsive than its predecessor.


Samsung discarded its clutter breaking rectangular S2 design and opted for a more oval shaped styling, highly reminiscent of Galaxy Nexus, released last year.The resulting effect has definitely evoked mixed responses . While some feel that this design has indeed made S3 super gorgeous , few tech nerds have grumbled about the design, which feels somewhat dated a throwback to the Smartphones which were released several years ago.

The S3 is being launched in 2 two hues, blue  or white. But, since Samsung is in the habit of extending the color portfolio of its products several months after their launch, do not fret if you are a big fan of those sultry black mobiles.



The S3 has the latest Android 4.0 and the Samsung Touch wiz 4.0, which can be customized. Also included in its arsenal, is S voice which allows one to send texts or save reminders or browse the web through voice commands. Although the experience may prove to be unique, this application still has a few  rough edges that needs to be smoothen. This application was primarily designed in consonance with the “Built For Humans” theme, that Samsung has been heavily promoting in all their promotional campaigns. The promotional theme  is perhaps the main reason, why there are several unique ringtones like “ Moonlight Beach”, “Rain Drops” and “Desert Sunrise.”

Performance & Battery Life.

Powered by a 1.4 GHZ quad processor and a Mali 400 GPU,you get some serious bang for your buck on this phone . Whether you are switching between applications or browsing multiple websites at the same time or playing HD videos ,everything on this phone moves at a scorching pace. This extra bit of horsepower comes really handy when you are playing hardware intensive games like Shadowgun. Even though few may contend that anything in the Android store is unlikely to stretch the beefy quad processor to its limit, it does give its users peace of mind about any demanding applications that may crop up in the future or when the newer version of Android gets rolled out.

Understandably, the monstrous screen and power indeed take a heavy toll on the battery life. The battery fizzles out a bit too quickly to meet its voracious appetite. To mitigate this one may set the screen to half its brightness or carry a spare or two batteries as S3 comes with a 2,100 mvAh battery.

The Galaxy S3 is a fantastic product from Samsung , that can easily sit at the zenith of Smartphone spectrum. It is what all the Android fans have been clamoring for a long time – a serious threat to Apple’s iPhone’s hegemony in the Smartphone space.