Note to all future buyer. There is a big difference between the seller and factory refurbished models . The model I bought was seller refurbished. It was a bit cheaper than the factory refurbished model. Don't let the price difference fool you. I recommend getting the factory refurbished model even if the price is higher. Also, the device was bought at a local online store.

Credit: By Luke Chesser

Packaging and device

The box was plain white with the the name of the device printed on the top and details printed on the bottom. The box wasn't sealed. Inside the box was the Samsung branded charger, a USB cable, a pair of headphones and a Samsung user guide. The box's surface looked very old. The phone was covered by a protective film. When I examined the phone, I could see many tiny scratches on the back cover but none on the screen. It wasn't a big problem as the back was replaceable.


When I first booted up the phone, I was heartbroken. The phone was rooted. I hate having my phone rooted, so I tried to unroot it. Unrooting it made the condition worse. I wasn't able to get any signal and the phone kept saying "Not registered on network" when I tried to call someone. I went to the Samsung service center. They said they'll first try to fix the IMEI number. If failed, they'll install a different modem. If both techniques failed, they will still charge me. In the end I was able to fix the phone by myself.

After awhile

I realized that I should have bought the Note 2. The phone began to become very sluggish. There was lag between screen transitions. It still handles games pretty well, but it was slow to launch the apps. I think it's because of the insufficient RAM. It only has 1GB of RAM. For user who bought a new S3, give us a comment on how your device is doing so far. It will help make a comparison. To make things worse, Samsung has stopped issuing new android updates to the S3. If have a higher budget, please buy the Note 2. It's far better than the S3.


I highly recommend getting a factory refurbished model than a seller refurbished model. Getting a Note 2 is more better. If you want something more affordable than the S3, I would recommend the Nexus 4. I will do a comparison of the 2 phones in the future. Thank for reading and have a good day.