Samsung JetThe Jet is marketed to people who live life in the fast lane, and is marketed with the slogan "Impatience is a Virtue" so we'll have a look to see if this Samsung is really Jet powered.

The first thing that hits you is the Jets amazingly bright 3.1 inch AMOLED touchscreen, and crispy images and sharp images can be taken with its 5 mega pixel camera with autofocus, image stabilisation and flash, it also has a feature called smile shot, which makes sure everyone is saying "cheese" before the picture is taken.

One great thing about this phone is its 2nd camera allowing you to make video calls, which is great, this phone does loads of things and it isn't even a smart phone!

The Jets has extremely fast Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity allowing you to browse the internet and download updates with ease. In addition it has DivX and Xvid player making streaming videos even easier than usual, and as well as this it still has the usual USB and blue connectivity making sharing files and photo's even faster.

This phone has a great little extra technology, which is its motion sensor. It makes getting to your favourite application even quicker by just tilting the Jet and up comes your application.

What is essential to a modern day phone is the ability to listen to music on it, and the Jet is no different, with a variety of different playback features, an FM radio and a headphone jack, you can download and listen to all your favourite music anywhere you go.

There is a memory card slot, which can be up to 16MB in size, allowing you to have loads of extra space on your phone for all your photos, videos and music.

What about the down sides?

Jets use a lot of fuel, the same goes for this one; it only has 180 minutes of battery life whilst browsing, so although this phone is really good, the fun doesn't last for long!

Conclusion: A brilliant phone, lot's of useful and practical features, and even though it isn't a Smartphone, its speed is unbelievable, giving instant access to anything you want!