Samsung's line of copier products like the Samsung monochrome laser printer is very popular for several reasons. Based on the reviews given by many users, the Samsung monochrome laser printer provides more benefits than drawbacks. Even if the company's copier machines are sold at a lower price compared to its competitors, it does not necessarily mean that what the company offers lack in quality or that they were not made using an advanced technology.

Among the biggest advantages is the price. The Samsung monochrome laser printer is cheap that in fact, you can have it for as low as $60. Apart from Samsung monochrome laser printer, the company likewise offers several models of all in one printers that are all high quality based on the user reviews.

Its being compact is also another reason why Samsung copiers are very popular. They are lightweight that they can be easily put in any place around an office or home. Consuming very little space simply makes workstations more useful and cost-effective.

Popular Samsung Monochrome Laser Printer Models

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Monochrome Laser Printer ML-1665

Samsung has launched an extremely small laser copier with superior expediency – the Samsung monochrome laser printer ML-1665. With this particular Samsung monochrome laser printer's very compact neat design, there is always room for this miniature beauty everywhere. The smart integrated features of Samsung monochrome laser printer ML-1665 makes the unit itself brilliant and painless to behold. It guarantees utmost convenience owing to its fast printing speed, power-save button, and low level of noise. With Samsung monochrome laser printer ML-1665, you can say that big things really come in small packages.

This particular model produces documents that are professional level according to many reviews. This is due to the fact that it has a maximum dpi of 1,200x600 and runs at 17ppm at the most. Its monthly duty cycle of 5,000 pages means that the copier can deal with the amount of work that you have, plus the 1st page out time takes no more than 8.5 seconds. Therefore, more work gets done without waiting for too long.

According to user reviews, this model enables them to print out precisely what is viewed on the screen with its distinctive ESP or Easy Screen Print button. Simply press your printer control panel's Print Screen button and you are all set. You can make use of the Print Screen feature in two methods. One is by pressing the button for 1 to 2 seconds and then it prints all the contents. Another is by pressing the button for more than 2 seconds and then it prints what is in the active window.

Samsung mono laser printer ML-1665 has a very small footprint, but can still handle a lot of handy features. It measures 13.4" W x 8.8" D x 7.2" H and can rest fashionably and contentedly on your desk's corner. Its polished top cover looks modish and smooth as it provides shield against dirt.

Samsung Monochrome Laser Printer ML-2525W Wireless

Samsung printers ML-2525w and ML-2525 belong to the Samsung monochrome laser printer line of products – only without the wires involved. Based on the reviews, users find it very convenient that they can choose and drag and drop contents from several webpages in another blank page on the screen with no editing or resizing needed, hence making it really easy for them to print what is on the screen. Furthermore, this Samsung monochrome laser printer offers you an ESP or Easy Screen Print button that allows you to print out your desktop using one button. The printing speed is 24ppm with a monthly duty cycle of 12,000 pages. In addition, it gives you a wireless and Ethernet connection.

Samsung monochrome laser printer wireless ML-2525w utilizes high speed connection. If you will take a look at some user reviews, installing this unit takes only 5 minutes and certainly not half an hour. Additionally, it amends with all small office surroundings and takes pride in its 9-second FPOT or First Page Out Time and a maximum of 24ppm printing speed. Apart from its sleek and compact design that adds elegance, it has an input capacity of 250 sheets; therefore, you do not have to spend so much time in refilling papers with Samsung monochrome laser printer wireless ML-2525w.