The Samsung PN60E550 is a great TV available for around $1500. It comes with a very large 60 inch display, 600 Hz refresh rate, is 3-D capable and uses plasma technology. In this review we are going to look at this Samsung TV, examine it and whether you should buy one as part of your home cinema setup.


The specification of the Samsung PN60E550 TV includes:

  • 60-inch display
  • Plasma technology
  • Full 1080 p resolution supports
  • 3-D capable
  • 600 Hz refresh rate

Picture quality

Plasma TVs have usually been at the most expensive end of the spectrum. However this model is available for $1500 from online sites such as Amazon, meaning that they've become very affordable in recent years. Plasma screens consist of only a single layer of pixels–rather than an LCD screen with an LED or CFL backlight which consists of the rest of the market. This allows plasma screens to have much deeper blacks although they are not usually as bright, so they are better suited for home cinema applications.

The picture on this Samsung plasma TV is very good, being very sharp and detailed as would be expected from a TV of this type. The 3-D mode on this TV is active meaning that you require active shutter glasses which is a downfall as there are now passive glasses capable TVs on the market. However this set comes with 2 pairs of active 3-D glasses and additional pairs can be bought for not much money, and it will only become a problem if you regularly have lots of people over or you have a large family wanting to watch 3-D at the same time.

Sound quality

This TV is very thin and has a thin bezel, which looks very good. However the compromise is that the speakers then have to be very small. This means that the speakers are normally fine in the high to mid range but can sometimes struggle with the lower end sounds that require a larger speaker. This set sounds fine but if you want to do lots of home cinema applications then you might wish to pair it with a surround sound system or a more compact sound bar.

User interface and other features

The user interface on this Samsung TV is conventional relying upon its remote control to access all of the functions. The smart hub software offers functionality like streaming videos, you tube and even applications like twitter. It does have a basic App Store and additional apps can be downloaded and installed dependent on country and region–Samsung TVs in the UK offer BBC iPlayer.


  • Plasma screen for not much money
  • 3-D capable
  • Slim design
  • Large 60-inch screen
  • 1080 p full HD capable
  • Samsung smart hub with access to online apps and streaming


  • Interface can be slow at times
  • Speakers might not be great for large home cinemas (may require a speaker system or speaker bar)

Should you buy the Samsung PN60E550 TV?

I think this Samsung TVs are great by, although you should definitely look for any more deals that might be offered with it. Because it's a plasma screen it may struggle in very light environments, so I would recommend this be used in a room which can be darkened if required. I think the ideal circumstance this TV would be in a home cinema environment with a darkened room combined with a speaker bar or surround speaker setup.

Would you buy this Samsung PN60E550 TV? Have you bought a Samsung TV recently? Would you recommend others buying it? Have you bought a model from Sony or Panasonic? Feel free to leave a comment below and if you need to join in the barrel then there will be a link at the top of the page.