Samsung's printers are so popular because of their excellent features. The all in one Samsung printers can do multitasking which makes any office more proficient and well-organized. With the necessary features to become successful in the present day's fast-paced workplace, multifunctional copiers are the most excellent solution.

Here is a list of the 5 most prominent features of all in one Samsung printers:

* TollSave™ that enables you to arrange faxes that are to be delivered in off hours – the time when toll rate are lower.

* Fast modems for sending faxes. It gets all the tasks done in a flash having 33.6 kbps modem. Thait is 3 seconds for every page.

* The exclusive NO-NOIS™ technology boasts of its extremely quiet printing so everyone will not be distracted and can focus on their work instead.

* The solid footprints make the new all in one Samsung printers very ideal for home offices. A copier with a dimension of 16.3" x 14.7" can be set everywhere.

* Have expedient one-touch functions together with USB direct copying, printing, and scanning to enhance effectiveness.

The Samsung printers are dependable, ground-breaking, and brilliantly created. They will certainly work well for anyone and any business even during those times when you have a great deal of work to do.

The Samsung printers include a black and white multifunction laser printer that has the following features:

· Assembles and prints information with AnyWeb easily
· Print screen grabs with a single Easy Screen Print button
· Highly developed features make office tasks simpler
· A more instinctive, sleek design

The new Samsung printers also have a color multifunction printer that boasts of the following features:

· Produces documents more rapidly with the one-touch function
· Little footprint with a large production
· Network-ready for challenging amounts of work
· Unique design that goes with offices

All in one Samsung printers - Specifications

CLX-3185FW Color Multifunction Printer

· 600x600 dpi/1200x1200 dpi copy resolution (optical/enhanced)
· 1,500 pages for every black cartridge
· 1,000 pages for every color cartridge
· Speed of color copy is 4 copies per minute
· Black and white printing speed is 17 ppm at the most
· Color printing speed is 4 ppm at the most
· 1,200 dpi resolution (optical)

All in One Samsung Printers-CLX-6220FX Color Multifunction

· 2,500 pages for every cartridge
· A maximum of 21 copies per minute
· A maximum of 21 ppm printing speed
· 600 dpi resolution (enhanced)

CLX-3175FW Color Multifunction Printer

· 300x300 dpi/1200x1200 dpi copy resolution (optical/enhanced)
· 1,500 pages for every cartridge
· Speed of color copy is 4 copies per minute
· Black and white printing speed is 17 ppm at the most
· Color printing speed is 4 ppm at the most
· 1,200 dpi resolution (optical)

At present, so many printers go for wireless technology in which PCs can produce documents with having no wires involved. Samsung is not an exception; the company has manufactured new wireless Samsung printers, thus users can now print anywhere in the office or house with ease.

Papers will never be an issue with new wireless Samsung printers. They take pride in their stock paper that has 130 to 150 sheet cartridges apart from their manual feed tray. Furthermore, the new wireless Samsung printers can be used in any operating system that a user is running, so OS compatibility is not to be questioned at all.

The new wireless Samsung printers enable you to adapt change your workstation without reducing the quality of your prints. Installation is very easy and these printers make use of high speed connection along with a 5-minute installation instead of the typical 30-minute copier set up.

Samsung has created a reputation for itself, offering products like cellular phones, new all in one Samsung printers and other new Samsung printers, and appliances. The company's color laser printer, for one, displays first-rate dpi resolution for printing colored texts and/or images, therefore making it as among the most efficient color copiers sold in the market today.

Check out the Samsung printers. Purchasing their new all in one Samsung printers will certainly be an extremely essential investment you can have for your home or place of work provided that you always have extra cartridges around to avoid hassles.