A Quality Fridge With 1 Complaint.




                My family bought the Samsung Model # RF268ABRS refrigerator upon moving into our new house. As an owner I’m sure that there are people out there who want an honest take on this product. For some background info I actually use this product on a daily basis, I’m 20, and this fridge is my go-to location for meals, late night snacks, and everything in between, at least when I’m home from college.  I have had it for about a year, and consider myself a veritable expert on its form and function.

            I will start with a review of the refrigerator from the physical object design perspective. It is a French-Door model, which means it has two half height top doors and a lower horizontal sliding freezer. There is ample space, and the shelves are customizable. On the upper left hand corner there is an ice machine that takes up considerable space, but there is enough area to go around that this isn’t much of an issue.  

            The finish is very nice, and not plasticy at all. No parts wobble, and the doors open with a well-made feeling. Upon closing however, a lip on the left door slides into place automatically to create a seal, meaning that one must firmly close it or it may not fully shut- leading to a loud and affective plea for proper closing.

             One thing you will want to consider is whether or not you are countersinking or building in the refrigerator into a cut out between walls or cabinets. If you are, make sure you plan to stick the front out a couple inches, because when the doors swing outwards, they bow out wide at the hinge, and are not flush with the rest of the unit. This threw a bit of a wrench in our kitchen aesthetics, but we quickly got used to it.

            Function wise, I only have one serious complaint. The water fountain is rather poorly designed for two reasons.


  1. It is too shallow to rest a cup or glass in fully and comfortably, leading to unnecessary spills. I find about a cap full of water spills almost every time I use the feature unless I am exceedingly careful, and since the port is shallow, this water usually hits the floor.
  2. The stream of water that fills your cups, the ones you eagerly await when you come in for a jog or a long lawn mowing session, take forever to fill. It is pencil thin, and although pure and delicious, you will find yourself waiting upwards of 30 seconds to fill a reasonably sized sports bottle (not to mention the awkwardness caused by the bottle barely fitting into the port at all)


             As far as food storage and preservation, lets just say that this is one of the most popular refrigerators in the current market for a reason. I have no comment on this matter because there is nothing notable or bad to comment on. This fridge does work. I hope this review helps your decision. I only spent time on what I thought was notable. For detailed descriptions on how long it will keep lettuce fresh, please look elsewhere.