Samsung slider


Samsung mobiles are popular in the sense that they look smart and handy. Their sliders are trendy and S3500 is one among them.  This cell phone has a metallic silver body with so many features. With GPRS network connections, EDGE network connections, SOS message features,  Bluetooth, headset connections, FM Radio , camcorder, camera and so many other features, S3500 slider is an ideal cell phone for all college going girls and other ladies. It has been serving me for the last two years without causing any troubles.  I thank Samsung for making sliders, especially S3500.

The facility of memory card for storing additional multimedia files enables us to store so many mp3 files and video files. This phone accepts memory cards up to 8GB.  As I’m fond of listening to music, I could save all those songs I like.  Some songs I received via Bluetooth and some from the wireless web.  Bluetooth functions in such a way that those songs you like in your friend’s phone could be transferred to your cell by activating it.

The Samsung PC Studio allows the cell to connect to PC with the USB cord. I could transfer the downloaded songs from my PC to this cell.  The music player provides an excellent quality of sound from music files.  By plugging the headset into the multifunction jack, FM Radio is also accessible.   These features make Samsung S3500 a perfect music system, too.  Camera helps you take snaps of pictures you like.  It gives good quality of the snapshots. With the camcorder, you can record events which you want to keep as a reminiscent. Voice recorder facilitates voice recording with good quality of sound.

Volume, wall paper for the screen, ringtones and theme for display all can be customized according to your needs. Key tones also can be adjusted. You can set a ringtone of your choice if it’s a default one or a downloaded one for those calls of your favorites.  Locking facility for protection from others also can be done by setting a password.  Multiparty call or conference call can be made by adding the parties to join sessions.

The facility of connecting to internet that enables browsing websites is another feature of this cell phone. Samsung S3500 is an elegant, stylish and a perfect phone for college goers and ladies serving with lots of features and functions. I feel proud of for having such a cell that gives me pleasure as well as entertainment.