This Samsung smart TV has it all - but what do you get for the $2999 price tag? Let's take a look at the design, features and special abilities of the UN55ES8000. This model is the topline product in Samsung's recent series of smart TV's and its ideal for family viewing, tech enthusiasts and heavy media consumers. 

60 Inch Smart TVYou can load popular apps like Pandora, twitter, sports center, facebook, skype, youtube, etc. Then you can launch them with special voice commands. 

Pretty handy if you lose your remote often. In addition to these cool features it has a full web browser. It's essentially a giant entertainment computer.

Let's go through the built-in features first:

Samsung Smart TV Features

Smart Recommendations: There's a built in engine that learns your content preferences as you watch. Therefore your Netflix and Hulu watching experience will be a little more tailor suited to your likes and dislikes. 

Interacting With Your Smart TV: You can use hand gestures and voice commands to turn pages, scroll amongst apps, launch them, change channels and browse the web. 


Waving Your Hand to Switch Apps

Logging into your apps can be a pain when you're trying to type on small screens or non-traditional keyboard input devices like a universal remote control. Therefore the folks at Samsung have thought ahead and built face-recognition into their apps. 

All you have to do is show your mug and you'll be automatically recognized and logged in. 

Smart TV Face Recognition


You'll never have to mess with a small keyboard again, constantly retyping as you make typos. 

Face recognition takes command of your Samsung Smart TV's built-in camera to get you into web services and apps without having to remember or type your ID and password. 

These command and control features all go to making your experience more comfortable, easy and hands-off. 

Voice Recognition is the last major control feature. You can use your remote if you want, but you can also just laze back and tell your Samsung Smart TV what to do. 

Voice Recognition on Samsung TV

You can give channel up or down, volume up or down, or app changing and launching commands. In terms of how it actually works in reality, some owners have complained that it's not exactly spot on 100% of the time. 

The Viewing Experience 

Now that we've covered the special feature at a glance, let's look more at the screen and viewing experience itself. 

Micro-dimming is a special technology that constantly scans for lighting conditions and and compares them with the colors on screen to constantly optimize the picture quality and contrast. 

The screen itself is slim and the bezel is extremely thin, designed to be totally out of the way. Gone are the giant 3 inch trim of classic TV's that took up a signifcant portion of the screen. 

But who cares about the bezel? Let's get down to the real draw of this 60 incher - the 3D. 

Samsung Smart 3D Quality

In the fast-growing world of 3D tv's there are two kinds of experiences: passive 3D and active 3D. Passive 3D is often described as 'lesser' or 'not as good' as active 3D. 

That's probably because passive 3D is more subtle - it adds depth to images so they seem more real and photorealistic, whereas active 3D requires that you wear the special glasses is responsible for the "pop out" images that seem like they're jumping out of the TV screen at you. 

This is where the UN60ES8000 really shines. Its 3D functionality receives rave reviews from owners who put it through the paces, playing everything from BlueRay DVDs to high performance video games. 

The images are crystal clear, sharp and rich in color and the 3D glasses included with the TV work as expected. Your favorite movie or video game takes on entirely new life when it's viewed in true 3D. 



Hands On With the Samsung Smart 3D TV

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