Samsung Smartphone – Things that Make it a Success

Samsung is probably one of the leading smartphone manufacturers and its success can be attributed to certain overwhelming features of these phones. There are various features that make a Samsung smartphone stand out and these are mentioned as below:

The “Bada” Factor

Bada, is the Samsung smartphone platform that is used for most of the latest phones from the Korean manufacturer. While the sales for smart phones from Samsung have been increasing a lot of critics consider the contribution of Bada as fairly significant. It has been a proprietary platform for Samsung phones and has allowed the development of a highly effective and interactive UI.

Bada is a word that originates in Korean and is synonymous to the ocean. Like the meaning, this platform is quite vast in terms of its usability as well. The platform not only provides a lot of options to the developers but it is also able to support a lot of different applications, this makes it a platform that is widely acceptable. Since most mobile devices are being looked upon as mini computers and are expected to perform a lot of functions including multimedia and official work, Bada is a big factor in the success of Samsung smartphones.

Sleek Designing

Another important factor that has contributed to the sales of Samsung Smartphones is the sleek design. Samsung is one of the companies that are highly rated for improvising on the design and providing good looking phone designs that can also prove to be user friendly. Most of the Samsung phones are very light as well, making it easy to carry.

The Apt Branding of Samsung Smartphones

Samsung has been using Bada as well as the Android platform and the secret of success of both types of phone is the apt form of marketing that the company provides for these devices. Recently, the company came up with two phones almost simultaneously, one based on Android, the other on Bada both of them turned out to be very successful in their own rights.

Samsung Wave is one of the latest Samsung smartphone additions that are based on Bada while Galaxy S is built on Android technology. With these different options being available to the users there is no doubt that most users will find a worthy product being offered by Samsung. There lies another reason of the success of the various mobile phones that have been launched.

samsung galaxy s smartphone for android and bada

Other than all aspects that are directly related to the phone, the streamlined Korean production probably makes it easier for the manufacturer to offer the best phones with the best applications at a highly competitive price. Therefore the next time you think of buying an Android based phone or a phone that can be handy in terms of the features it offers, you can look at Samsung. With great designs, Bada or Android OS and great pirces, Samsung smartphones definitely offer a great deal to most mobile phone users. It's definitely worth a look if you're ready to make your first foray into the exciting world of android smart phones.