Do you want to give your 3g mobiles a makeover? Having the same old factory default Samsung themes can be quite boring. Samsung themes are synchronized animations, color designs, ring tones and background images. Majority of phones are already equipped with several themes; however, do you want to have the exact same themes that other users already have?

Mobile phones are, at present, a completely entertaining device. You can do a lot of things with them – send and receive text message/calls, browse the Internet, play games, take photos and record videos, and with the technological advancement in this field, features and utilities are being added day by day in these gadgets, which will surely attract any buyer’s attention. Another thing that is gaining popularity these days are mobile phone themes. They give your unit that attractive look since it enables you to change the screen’s background image.

Samsung themes - chose a remarkable and inspiring one

Samsung themes free download for 3g mobiles are not simply icons or images. They are a complete bundle of images and icons which also come with several remarkable graphics, and at present, 3g mobiles enable users to adjust their font size. You can change the color as well based on your preference in order to give your handset a gorgeous appearance. Samsung themes are not only restricted to 1 or 2 category. You can find nature, festive season, movies, technology and many more, which can be downloaded and installed on 3g mobiles to give the display screen a new look.  Not only do Samsung themes decorate your unit, but they also allow the label and text to be more readable.

Majority of the Samsung themes you will find online are sorted based on category. People who are animal or nature lover will have tons of dogs, cats, birds, marine life and wildlife-inspired themes to choose from. These packages often come with an image of the animal that you can use as your wallpaper, a message or ring tone taken from the actual sound that the creature makes, etc. So, as you can see, the choices are abundant.

When getting Samsung themes free download, you need to check their compatibility with your phone since some of them are made specifically for certain handsets, and you don’t want to waste your time and effort browsing the various categories only to find out they are not compatible with your phone. A number of websites give users the option to create an account, allowing them to filter those which are only compatible with their unit to be shown in the search results. And FYI, having Samsung themes free download installed will not shorten the battery lifespan of 3g mobiles. The reason is that they are extremely effective and often come with tools which optimize power usage.

On the other hand, Samsung themes may consume some memory space on your phone, particularly those which have tons of features such as message and ring tones and animated backgrounds. In case your phone only has a limited storage capacity, you can simply save your Samsung themes free download on a storage device.