A Look at the Samsung WB750 HD Digital Camera

The Samsung WB750 is a 12.5 megapixel LCD screen digital camera, which shoots full HD video that can be played back on your HDTV.  Camera phones have become increasingly popular over the years, because of their convenience and how they improve as the quality of cell phones improve.  However, in my opinion, you can't match the quality and functionality of a digital camera.  The Samsung WB750 has a wide array of functions and features that will make you think twice about relying on your camera phone.

Samsung WB750 Product Features
The amount of features for the Samsung WB750 is really quite impressive.  The technology of digital cameras has come so far, it's hard to believe that some of these functions are even possible.  The Samsung WB750 includes the following:

*18x Optical Zoom
*24mm ultra wide angle lens
*12.5Mp Back Side Illuminated CMOS Sensor
*Dual capture photo and video
*Creative Movie Maker - allows you to combine still photos with movies
*Shoots 1920x1080p full HD video at 30 frame per second
*H.264 format allows for longer video recording than a camera with MGEP video does
*Panoramic Views
*3D Photo
*High dynamic range offers a greater range of luminance
*Smart Filter 3.0
*Magic Frame - includes 12 background templates for your pictures
*Face Detection
*Weighs 0.42 lbs
*Microphone and internal speaker audio
*Includes NTSC/PAL, HDMI 1.4 and USB 2.0 inputs and outputs


12.5Mp Back Side Illuminated (BSI) CMOS Sensor
This feature improves the quality of your photos when taking them in lower-lit areas.  This basically means that less light is needed to take high quality pictures with your digital camera.  Photos come out sharp and crisp, no matter what the lighting situation is.  I remember this as being a big factor when my family would take pictures as I was growing up.  We would always take family pictures during vacations, family gatherings, holidays, and other special occasions.  One thing I always remember is we would have to move around until the lighting was right.  We couldn't stand in this spot because it was too dark, so we'd move, but then the next place had the sun right in the eyes of the person taking the photo.  We would have to move around until the lighting was just right.  That's no longer necessary with the Samsung WB750.  The BSI CMOS sensors are twice as sensitive as normal CMOS sensors, so less light is needed to take high quality photos.

Dual Capture Photo and Video
The dual capture photo and video feature is something that I didn't even know was possible.  This feature allows you to take pictures while you're recording full HD video.  All you have to do is press the shutter button to take a picture, while you're already recording a video.  It can be very difficult and time consuming to continuously switch between recording video and taking pictures with your camera.  Usually you have to go into camera mode and snap a few photos, then switch to video mode and start recording video, then you have to stop recording and switch back to camera mode if you want to take more pictures.  Going back and forth can definitely be frustrating.  This feature eliminates that problem, since you can do them both simultaneously.

I think this feature would be great for sporting events.  If you have a child playing basketball, for example, you can record the entire game, while also taking pictures of them shooting a free throw, dribbling the ball, or grabbing a rebound.  You can get some great action shots, while still recording the entire game, which can then be played back on your HDTV.  It's really impressive if you think about it.  Another good example would be recording someone's high school or college graduation, while also taking pictures of them receiving their diploma.  

Smart Filter 3.0
This is a really fun feature that allows you to be creative with your photos by using different filters.  Some of the filters included are:

*Cartoon filter - makes your photo look animated
*Cross filter - makes light sources look like they have several points of light, like a star
*Zooming shot filter - adds motion lines, so it looks like your speeding towards your subject
*Water Paint - makes your photo look like a water painting
*Oil Paint - makes your photo look like an oil painting

These are just some of the filters available with the Smart Filter 3.0 feature.  This allows you to get really creative with your photos, which can be a lot of fun.  I've always been curious about how I would look as a cartoon.  Better yet, I think having a family picture in an animated format would be priceless!

3D Photo
This feature allows you to view any of your photos in 3D by hooking up the Samsung WB750 to a 3D HDTV.  I think it'd be amazing to be able to see your personal pictures in 3D.  People are able to see select television and movies in this format, but seeing yourself in 3D would be a whole different story.  This feature displays still images, as well as panoramic photos.

The Samsung WB750 digital camera has some very impressive features, as I've mentioned above.  Digital cameras have so many different functions and features these days; it can be really hard to stand out.  I think the WB750 matches up well with the top digital cameras available, so it's definitely worth your time to consider this model if you're looking to buy a new camera.  It's available online at Amazon.com, or at retail electronic stores.