Samsung Water Filter

Which Samsung water filter does your refrigerator need?

Replacing the water filter in your Samsung fridge can be an inconvenient chore. Most people fail to look into the cost or hassle of changing their water filters when purchasing a new refrigerator. The style, features, and cost are often more important to people than when and how will I change the water filter 6 months down the road. But the fact is, how you treat the water you put in your body everyday should be much more important to you than "how many produce drawers" your fridge has.

When to replace the water filter on your refrigerator:

A good rule of thumb is to change your refrigerator's water filter at least every six months. If you live in an area that is known to have poor water filtration from the public utility, or if you have a well as a source for your daily drinking water, some experts suggest changing it every 3-4 months. The most important thing is to monitor the filter for contaminates in viewing window, look for an "full" indication light on the filter itself, or watch for warning messages on your refrigerators LCD screen.

The dangers of waiting to replace your filter:

There are two primary dangers of not changing your refrigerator's water filter. The first is that there is the potential for mold and bacteria to grow in the filter. If a filter gets overused, or even unused for any extended amount of time, your water filter is the perfect breeding ground for mold which is then immediately injected into your drinking water! The second problem occurs when filters are clogged and overused, they actually have the potential to add contaminates that were removed from previous water streams, in which case the filter is actually doing more harm than good.

Where to find replacement water filters:

With the explosive growth of businesses creating online storefronts, it has become much easier find replacement water filters than in the past. Most manufacturers have online stores that allow you to purchase original replacement filters direct, but there are inexpensive alternatives that provide the same government regulated standards of filtration. One of the best places to find replacement water filters are from reputable online vendors like However if you would rather purchase your replacement water filter in person, oftentimes the store you purchased your refrigerator will carry replacement filters.

How to change a Samsung Aqua-Pure water filter:

Changing your Samsung water filter is simple once you have ordered your replacement. Simply follow these three steps to ensure your drinking water is fresh and pure:

1: Twist the old filter to the left to remove it from the filter housing. It should "unlock" with about 1/2 to 3/4's of a turn, then simply pull straight down.

2. Insert the top of the replacement water filter into the filter housing, and twist to the right. (You'll know the filter is locked in when the padlock symbol on the filter lines up with the arrow on the filter housing.)

3. Press and hold the reset filter button on the bottom left side of the screen until the orange "filter" warning light disappears.