Kumihimo NecklaceCredit: Raven SimonsWhen I first came across the BlackCatQueen's Etsy shop, I was delighted by the whimsical and beautiful pieces of jewelry that I found there. There were delightful cat-shaped glass, lampwork beads hanging from intricately woven and colorful cords. What I didn't know was the incredible amount of history behind these beautiful necklace cords. 

When I inquired about the creation of these cords from their maker, Raven Simons, she readily told me about the origin of the art that she had come to love so much. The method of braiding that is used in her necklaces is the ancient Japanese art of kumihimo.

Kumihimo is a method of braid-making most famously used by the samurai as both a functional and decorative way to lace the armor, not only to themselves, but also to their horses. Over the centuries, it has been adapted to serve more decorative and ornamental purposes, both in the United States and overseas.

Raven has used this detailed and fabulous art of braiding in her unique jewelry. When you purchase one of her pieces, you will receive a very high quality piece of art that you can wear or be proud to give as a gift. Raven puts her passion and hard work into each piece so that it is evenly braided and the colors are chosen with care. I would most certainly be proud to give one of these pieces to anyone that I know – if I could bring myself to part with it!

When I received my necklace, I sat for a moment and just studied it. My 4 year old daughter just stroked it in awe and asked if she could have it! When I saw the photo of it online, I thought it was beautiful, but seeing it in person added a whole other dimension that really brought the piece to life for me! The cord has a very delicate woven appearance that I couldn't imagine being made by human hands because of its uniform appearance and the quality of the workmanship! On my first outing wearing the necklace, I received several compliments on the piece and I delighted in telling people about the origins of my new treasure! It is obvious that Raven takes joy in her art and she welcomes custom orders so that you could have your necklace in the colors you love best!Cat EarringsCredit: Raven Simons

If you are looking for a unique gift for the jewelry or animal lover in your life, you certainly won't go wrong with one of these inspired kumihimo necklaces and the earrings to match! Or maybe its been a while since you've shopped for yourself and you're ready for a special treat! Whatever the reason, you will be pleased and satisfied with any purchase you make from BlackCatQueen!