Samurai sword sets are relatively easy to shop for online for a good price. When shopping for samurai sword sets for sale, you'll find quality Japanese sword products online that suite your needs. Samurai swords, also known as katana swords, have been produced since 1392. The Japanese design samurai swords features a curved blade and a tanto point. Samurai swords can come in double edge, or single edge blades. Samurai sword sets features swords of that specific model, and comes in usually two or three pieces with different size dimensions. Standard samurai swords usually come in three swords, with a wooded sword stand.

Shopping for katana swords for sale online can help keep you out of those ridiculous thousand dollar price range. Samurai swords are expensive and some of the most popular martial arts weapons in the word. Definitely the most popular Japanese swords. Those who are practicing martial arts weapons training will find samurai sword sets useful. A samurai sword is usually made from carbon steel, and the blade length can be anywhere from 20 - 40 inches in diameter. When shopping for samurai sword sets for sale online you'll discover a wide variety of different designs and preferences. Down below I've put together a small list of a few samurai sword sets for sale and where to buy these swords online.

Samurai sword sets for sale

Deluxe red dragon samurai katana sword set - A very cheap, but popular samurai sword set out on the market. It comes with a wooden samurai stand with a black matte finish. The swords feature a hardwood red finished scabbard with a prism reflective dragon design. Comes with three samurai swords with blade lengths of 39, 31, and 21 inches. Features a single edge tanto point. Red drag samurai swords make for a popular design in Japan. These swords make for good weapons for jutsu training for those who want to be ninja. You can find these samurai sword sets for sale online at, ImageStores, amazon, DMW Wholesale, and michelniques. Prices should keep you in the $30 dollar range.

Fuku Riu sword set - These are very expensive swords, that are design by Paul Chen. Manufactured by Hanwei, these are known as traditional swords that bring out the authenticity of how Japanese samurai swords are meant to be made. Two swords are featured: Fuku Riu katana-tatsu and Fuku Riu Wakizashi. The Katana's blade is 28 inches, with a tuska of 12 inches in length. The blade style is Unokubi Zukuri. The blade is made from forged folded K120C powder steel. The wakizashi has smaller dimensions with a 20 inch length blade, with a 5 inch tsuka. The blade style is Shinoqi Zukuri without Hi. The Fuku Riu sword set features a wood stand. You can buy these samurai sword sets fore sale at get a sword, and ebay. They're expensive but go for good deals.

King cobra katana sword set - Do you want a little style to your samurai katana sword set? The king cobra is quite a stylish design on these samurai swords. The blades are made from 440 stainless steel with an aesthetic hamon. The sword sheath features an imitation of black and silver snake skin. The handle features a cobra head with red glaring eyes at the end. Very stylish and well made samurai swords that features handles that are polyresin. Includes a wooded three tier stand with black finnish. Comes in the blade length dimensions of 27, 19.25, and 11.25 inches. You can buy king kobra samurai sword sets for sale online at, and ebay. Price will keep you in the $40 dollar range.

Lord dragon katana sword set - Features antique brass dragon handles, with a dragon head at the end of the sword handle. It's a 3 set piece sword made with 440 stainless steel blades. Features a black sheath with a antique brass dragon design. The lord dragon katana sword dimensions include 20 inches, 32 inches, and 38 inches of length. Includes a wooded three tier stand with black finish. You can buy these samurai sword sets for sale at, ebay,, DMW Wholesale, ImagineStores, Bonanzle, and