AlamoCredit: Morgue FileThere are so many things to do in San Antonio including the river walk, the Alamo and the Tower of America. The river walk is a neat experience as you can view the city via boat or by walking. You can visit many different unique shops and restaurants that you may not have in your town by walking the river walk. The Alamo is also a neat experience for your entire family ad it leaves you with a piece of history. The Alamo provides you with a lot of information that can be very educational for you.What a great historical learning experience.Your kids can take all of this information in and tell their class about it when they get back to school.Be sure that they take pictures so they can remember what the Alamo looks like. The tower of America is also neat as it takes you up over 65 stories. From the tower of America you can view the entire city.There is a lookout point as well as a restaurant in the tower.San Antonio is very close to Corpus Christi, the Gulf of Mexico. For those that have never been to the ocean, taking a drive to Corpus Christi is well worth it.The sand feels so much different and there are large seashells much different that the shells at a lake.Take home a piece of the ocean with you by placing some sand and shells into a plastic bag.


Hot sunCredit: Morgue FileAlthough San Antonio, Texas is mostly a fun city to be in, you may run into a lot of traffic that you may not be used to. Sam Antonio is filled with many different highways so you can easily get lost.Taking the road exit could lead you on the opposite side of town than you want to be in. This city is also very warm. It can easily reach 116 degrees in July. If you are not used to warmer weather it may be very uncomfortable for you.

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San Antonio is located in southern Texas. San Antonio, Texas is known as "The big city with a small feel." This city is very large but everyone is very friendly and most people around town know each other.There are rarely times where you will go somewhere on and not know anyone. San Antonio, Texas is a great place to visit!

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All in all San Antonio, Texas is a great city to vacation with either family or friends. Enjoy a nice sun tan and a great time.

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