If you are looking for San Diego Halloween costumes for rent or purchase you have probably heard of the mega Halloween retailer The Halloween store which typically enters large department store sized spaces in strip malls every Fall leading up to Halloween. This store is well known as a well rounded Halloween supply store throughout many cities across the country but in San Diego this is not the only option for costume rentals or costumes for purchase.

In fact the Halloween Store may be the easiest option for basic costume needs but it may be lacking if you are interested in picking up some high end Halloween fashion for more sophisticated Halloween parties are everyday Fall festivals. For events where you want a better costume for rent or possible costume garments that may be repurposed for other uses then you may want to look to smaller boutique stores.

In many cities including San Diego, costume rentals can always be manufactured from basic rental shops. There are rental shops focusing on formal attire which can always be used with accessories to fabricate an excellent array of Halloween costumes. Vampires are well known to dress well and a tuxedo rental can form the foundation for a sophisticated and exquisite Halloween costume.

Similarly formal wear for women can usually be used to piece together a woman's costume if the right accessories and face paint are used. Shops in San Diego focusing on high end formal wear rentals include A Night On The Town, The Costume Shop, and Buffalo Breath Costumes with each having their own benefits and their own unique selection. If you opt for this route you will have to be extra careful to maintain the cleanliness of the garment but these items will make you look great for your formal San Diego Halloween costume contest or party.

Similarly you can purchase formal wear to use for these purposes but when you are planning only to use the items for the costume your money is probably better spent on a formal rental or a more casual purchase of clothing and costume pieces which can both serve the purpose of building an excellent Halloween costume and still fit right into your wardrobe the day after the party.

Some really great places in San Diego to purchase Halloween costume pieces which can be used for other means later on or for a more sophisticated Halloween party include your basic department stores found at the mall. These stores focus on supplying the public with higher quality items than the typical discount Halloween store and many of their pieces and accessories can be worn on their own.

Other options include stores like Déjà Vu for sexy costumes, Spenser's or other similar costume clothing stores found in many malls throughout San Diego county and specialty costume and clothing retailers like Faire Ladies, Faire Lords or even Party City. The costs of buying your own costumes or pieces of costumes to piece together will be higher going this direction but the quality of your garments will be much better.