There are many styles of cuisine across the fine San Diego coast. American, Italian, Mexican, French, Asian Fusion, and Japanese cuisines compete to attract and impress your palate. With so many to choose from, how will you ever decide?

In order to keep it simple we will stay in the downtown/Hillcrest are of San Diego. If you are looking for a fancy fine-dining black tie affair, do not miss out on Bertrand's at Mister A's. Located atop a high-rise hotel, the view of downtown San Diego is breathtaking, while the cuisine and atmosphere inside is mind-blowing. Be prepared to shed some weight from your wallet.

For a delicious, yet moderately priced steakhouse, we suggest Fleming's. It is right across from the convention center on the corner of 4th and K. This steakhouse/wine bar is deliciously unpretentious and offers various combinations of Prime Angus Burgers. With Happy Hour specials, and high-quality dinner items, you will surely leave satisfied.

For authentic Italian food, Al Acqua 2 is the one to beat. With southern Italy influences touching their seafood and pasta specialties, this place is an Italian restaurant delicacy. With so many dishes to choose from, and large portions, be prepared to walk (or roll) our of here highly satisfied. Al Acqua 2 really tightens the competition for the restaurant business in San Diego.

For fresh seafood, Blue Point Coastal really takes the cake. Their enticing seafood options, and clever menu set up will surely entertain your mind and palate. This is a perfect place for those of you who like to share. Large portions are best when shared since seafood doesn't quite taste as good as a microwave heated lunch as a fresh dinner. This is yet another spot to considerably lighten the wallet.

Finally, Sushi Bar Kazumi is likely to blow you away. If you appreciate the true flavors of fresh, raw fish, this is the place for you. The highest quality ingredients are used at this cozy top-notch sushi bar, just inside of Hillcrest. Sitting at the bar is suggested, as the sushi chefs are skilled artists and very friendly. Kazumi is the very friendly owner and if you're lucky, you'll get a chance to chat with him while you're there. For high-quality, authentic sushi, this is moderate to high in price, but worth every penny.