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Sea World is a animal and water theme park owned by Busch Entertainment Corps that has some of its venues in several parts of the U.S., with one in California that is located in San Diego. Others are located in Florida, Ohio, and other areas.

Sea World is one of the fun places to visit in California USA and is full of interesting things to do and sea. SeaWorld San Diego opened in 1964 with only a few animals and attractions and since then has grown to be extremely popular and millions of people visit there every year.

What does SeaWorld Offer to Tourists?

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SeaWorld has shows featuring sea animals like orcas, dolphins, seals, and sea lions, as well as viewing of other water mammals or birds like polar bears, penguins, walruses and manatees.

Plus, it also offers an amusement park area full of thrilling rides like roller coasters, kid’s rides, games, attractions, and more. One of their most popular rides is called the Journey to Atlantis and is a splashdown style ride with some parts similar to a roller coaster style ride.

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The San Diego SeaWorld features Shamu the Killer Whale shows, a Sea Lions live show, and a dolphin show called Blue Horizons. There are actually seven whales that are called Shamu in the San Diego Sea World, as that is merely the show name for all of their whales in their orca shows. Their real names are Corky, Kasatka, Orkid, Nakai, Ikaika, Kalia, Deet and Ulises.

SeaWorld Ticket/Gift/Food Options

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If you are heading to San Diego and want ticket to go to SeaWorld, you can get them online to save money. At the time of this writing, the normal prices were adults $73 and children $65.

However, there are also special discounts for groups and certain kinds of individuals, so check with their customer service to see how that may apply to you. There are also different levels of Sea World passes for multiple parks or season tickets. Prices are listed on the website at

Sea World also has several snack bars and restaurants, as well as a souvenir and gift shop for visitors to shop in. Prices for these vary depending on what you want to do or buy.

Educational Programs At SeaWorld

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SeaWorld also offers special educational programs for school and other groups. These include both day and overnight camps featuring interactions and learning about the various sea mammals. Some of the camps are for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Families, Home Schoolers, and more.

SeaWorld also offers special events around the holidays such as at Halloween and Christmas. These special programs are included in the cost of a regular admission ticket.

All in all, SeaWorld offers the excitement of getting to see lots of different kinds of water creatures up close and personal, as well as learn about how they live and play. There are many different programs and things to see and do at SeaWorld including an amusement park, games, food, and more. Come to San Diego Sea World to experience this fun and exciting adventure.