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The San Francisco Piers is one of the places to visit in California that you won’t want to miss. You can come to the Piers and eat at a great restaurant, do some shopping, take a little jog or stroll, or even look at the history of the area at the Northeast Embarcadero at Pier 3.

What Things Can Be Seen At San Francisco Piers?

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When you visit the San Francisco Piers, you can also catch a view of the Bay Bridge, Treasure Island or the Yerba Bridge. If you like jogging, then you can try the Port Walk area on the San Francisco Piers 1 and a half to Pier 5.

Or maybe you would rather go to Pier 3 and see the Bayside History Walk. It has displays featuring all the historical information on the San Francisco area. There is also a free boat dock for the public at Pier 1 and a half, as well as a place to hire a water taxi so you can get from one pier to the others.

The water taxis are able to take people to places like the Giants baseball games or any number of other stops at the waterfront area. If you are hungry, you can try one of the three available restaurants at the San Francisco Piers. These include La Mar Cebicheria Peruana, or the Lafitte or the Plant Café Organic.

San Francisco Piers at the Waterfront

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The San Francisco Piers offers lots of boating activities on Pier 3 and Pier 5. Both large and small boats can dock there, plus there is a free berthing area for guest boats right in front of the Pier 1 and a half restaurant area.

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You can go to the San Francisco Piers to Pier 7 or Pier 5 and go to the Port Walk and join in the area where public fishing is allowed. There is also great wind protection there due to the walls on Pier 5.

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You can also enjoy excursions from Pier 3, as well as see historical boats, and other forms of maritime recreational fun and excitement.

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Farmer’s Market

Visitors can also enjoy the bounty of the area at a farmer’s market on the San Francisco Piers. The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market run by the California Certified Farmers Market and features three a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. They are set up at the Ferry Building on the San Francisco Piers. It is an example of how the farmers in the area use sustainable farming practices in California, where there is a shortage of water due to droughts, etc.

The bottom line is that if you are visiting California and coming to the San Francisco area then you should not miss the San Francisco Piers in order to have fun, see historical sites, have a meal, take a stroll or enjoy some shopping at the Farmer’s Market.