The appeal of San Francisco to over 120,000 tourists visiting its destinations daily lies in its natural beauty backed with a colorful history. The dynamic mix of cultures and races radiates the excitement from within its inhabitants. An eclectic blend of nationalities including Italian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Filipino, and Russian among many others make this state a cultural center for entertainment, tourism, education, and trade.

More than a center for trade and culture, San Francisco also provides ample sites for families and children to visit and enjoy. For those who love hiking, there are trails that wind through picturesque hills. Hikers can either ride a bus and get off on the nearest trail or park their vehicles at a safe area or parking lot and they can start walking. 

San Francisco Cable Car
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First - time travelers may take advantage of the cable car tours near Fairmont Hotel. The city offers spectacular views particularly observed from the top of hotels such as The Marriot, The Mandarin, or Fairmont as well as in other strategic places .  The Golden Gate shows off its most glorious scene at night. During foggy mornings, the view of the bridge enveloped in mist offers its unique inexplicable charm. This is probably the most photographed structure in San Francisco. Get your lenses ready for this fantastic view. You may stay at Palomar Hotel or Radisson Fisherman's Wharf and enjoy an unforgettable dinner having the famous Golden Gate bridge as your backdrop.

With the mixed cultures embraced by San Francisco, expect to find many exciting restaurants to satisfy your adventurous palate. Check out the Chinatown for their cuisine offerings or grab a piroshki at the Russian district if your wish. For Mexican delicacies, the Mission district offers a variety of Mexican food and other Latin goodies.  

Golden Gate Bridge
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San Francisco's magnetic charm to both children and adults will keep you coming back for more. Living in the age of technology, it is not unusual to see people who are too busy on their gadgets and shiny cars. Times may be changing as galleries start closing down. Even so, I'm sure artists will always find a way to continue their displays of expression through exhibits and performances. Museums are still operating and theaters continue to provide live entertainment. Do take note that this is a city known for its alternative lifestyles - an element which adds to its colorful culture.

It is easy to understand the meaning behind Frank Sinatra's song "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" once you have been there. 

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