Good Food and Excellent Grounds at Sanctuary Cap Cana

Sanctuary I

Recently my mom and step-father came to Punta Cana to visit my wife and I. I relocated here eight months ago for a work assignment. This was the first time since arriving back in July that someone had come to visit us. To make things extra special we booked a weekend at a local boutique resort-hotel (is there such a thing?) called Sanctuary Cap Cana Golf Resort and Spa, taking the all-inclusive package they cleverly named "Everything Under the Sun".

Resort Style and Layout

The style of the hotel was described to me by a work colleague as a replica of the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo, the capital of the island. The design of the resort more than impressed me with its multi-colored buildings, immaculately landscaped grounds, and gorgeous pool and swim up bar facing the Caribbean Sea. Other impressive features included an ornate fountain in the reception area, a small creek with a mini-bridge leading to the sea, and a variety of little restaurants and shops. Our rooms were also beautifully crafted despite being the most basic type (junior suites) featuring nicely laid tile floors and a wide balcony with breathtaking views of the resort and sea. It was evident that the resorted had been conceived and constructed with uber-relaxation in mind.Sanctuary II

The Drawbacks

Unfortunately the customer service left a bit to be desired. The employees seemed to to be looking over their shoulder to see who was watching them. Also I saw the same employees day-in day-out morning, noon, and night, making me wonder if they even got a chance to sleep. Our mini-bar was stocked minimally at best and required repeated calls to get such basics as bottled water (which is a necessity for drinking in the Dominican Republic). It felt intuitively that the working conditions were less than ideal, which at the end of the day is on the management.

Food and beverage

What Sanctuary lacked in customer service it made up for with its food and drinks. Having visited another five-star all-inclusive resort here in Punta Cana, the food and drinks were on a whole another level compared to that one (Excellence). There were multiple restaurants open nightly to choose from and a themed buffet poolside. Sanctuary concocted inviting drinks of the day such as a "Rum Runner" and "Wild Orchid". No complaints from me when it came to food and drinks. No sir, none at all!

Sanctuary IIIWhy Choose Sanctuary

Ultimately one should consider Sanctuary Cap Cana Golf Resort and Spa when traveling to Punta Cana and wanting to avoid the over developed hustle and bustle of Bavaro. The boutique hotel-resort is cozy with lovely ambiance and decor. Although the customer service may be lacking at times, I would say be good to the workers as it appears back-to back-to back shifts are the norm. If your goal is to experience absolute relaxation in a beautiful setting, Sanctuary is your spot.