Sandals made from recycled plastic bags can be made possible through creative minds nowadays. This is a very unique product that will not only greatly benefit you as a consumer but moreover, will be very beneficial to the environment.

Is This Really Possible?

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Sandals made from recycled plastic bags can be considered as a one of a kind craft. You might even doubt if this is really possible but many are already able to produce such product from a mere plastic bag.  This just one of the several crafts you can make from your plastic bags. But among those crafts, plastic made sandals is truly one of a kind.

The Issue about Plastic Bags

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Plastic bags are widely used throughout the world in different establishments and you encounter it almost every day. With its widespread use, it must be remembered that plastics are not really good for the environment. Do you know it will take thousands of gallons of oil before plastic bags can be made? The making of plastics generates a lot of resources but what we do right after we use the plastic bags, some we reuse, most we simply throw away. It’s as if we are also throwing the resources used for them.

With these reasons, plastic must definitely be recycled appropriately. Instead of letting them just pile up in your trash and contribute to the increasing world’s junk, why not make a better use of it instead. Rather than torturing the environment, help it by means of recycling. With that simple act, you can also help yourself in a lot of ways. Aside from acquiring a new useful product, you are also taking a preventive measure from what harmful effects you might get in the near future.

Bringing Out Your Artistic Side

Whether you are artistic or not, you can produce very creative products by just following simple instructions. Plastic handicrafts are very easy to make and can even be a source of income for you. This might even be a start of a new business opportunity for you. You have endless resources for this as plastic bags are almost everywhere. With just the magic of resourcefulness and imagination, these plastic bags can instantly turn into sandals. But not just any ordinary sandals, these plastic ones can be very durable.

Simple Instructions You Have To Follow

Plastic sandals made of plastic bags can be made by following these several instructions. First, you must prepare all the necessary materials that you need which includes plastic bags and knitting materials. You must learn to create a plastic yarn or plarn as it can be called as well initially. This plan will serve as the basic material that you will use to form the structure of your plastic sandals.

You need a pattern to follow when forming the structure of your sandals. This pattern will ensure that your plastic sandals will come out in a good shape making it really durable.

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You need to cut your collected plastic bags into strips of about 2 inches width each. The amount that you can consume will of course depend upon the size of your foot.

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Using hooks, you just have to make stitches using your plastic strips as your yarn and ensuring that they follow the pattern that you make.

What You Need To Know

The pattern is very much essential in forming the shoe. This will be your basis for the entire craft that you are about to make. You should make it sure that every stitch you make will be strong and will lie flat on the pattern that you made. This will ensure that the width of your shoe will be the same all throughout and you will achieve a certain consistency to make it flat.

Each shoe can require about 15 to 20 bags to become completed which is again of course depending upon the size of your foot. It is always easy to add more bag yarns so this range can truly vary, also depending upon the style of sandals you want to make. It can vary from the simple flats to the complicated gladiator sandals. You are given the freedom to customize your sandals just as long as you make the pattern for it and just as long as you can follow it.

Looking Into The Aesthetics


To improve the look of your sandals, you might want to paint it according to your desired color. You might also want to add a final adhesive coating like that of a nail polish for example or varnish to make it look shiny or a bit leathery and also to make the plastic stick together without leaving any room for loose yarns. Loose plastic bag yarns can lessen the life of the sandals that you make.

You can also accentuate your sandals by adding different beads or creative straps to modernize the look. Your creativity and imagination is very much needed here. You will have the chance to customize and personalize you shoe. It’s up to you if you want to fill it up with beads or stones or if you want to look it classy. You can even make several sandals and design each pair to go with a certain look, let’s say one pair will be used for the preppy look, the other one for the sporty look and so on.

Talking about the cost, these plastic bag sandals can cost you almost nothing at all most especially for the main material which is plastic. It is almost everywhere. You can get it from your very own homes and if you do not have enough, you might ask your friends and relatives to give you some. For the accessorizing materials, you just have to be resourceful as well and you would not need to buy anymore. These sandals can even be an earning opportunity for you as it can be a good business venture. These are one of the most creative personalized gifts you can consider perfect for different occasions.


Sandals made from recycled plastic bags are very creative and unique products that you would not believe are possible to make. All you need is a little of that creativity in you, some of the imagination and much of the resourcefulness and you will eventually be able to prove yourself that this is possible. Aside from saving from this almost free handicraft, this might even give you a chance at business. Sandals made from recycled plastic bags are worth the try as they will not only help you by enhancing your artistic skills but also help the environment be reducing the trash.