Sandbanks Provincial Park

If you find yourself East of Toronto on a hot day, then you have to check out Sandbanks Beach.

It is actually called Sandbanks Provincial Park, and if you are looking for some of the best sandy beaches and sandy dunes around Ontario, then this is the spot to go.

This park is located near Picton, Ontario, which is a picturesque town on Lake Ontario, with clean quaint houses, and old town charm.  There are many places to stay here, such as bed and breakfast and inns if you wish to spend more time at the Sandbanks beach, and great eaterSandbanks Provincial Parkies.

This area boasts some of the largest freshwater sandbars around, and is a magnet for swimmers, sunbathers, hikers, campers and especially windsurfers.  The setting is perfect to get out there and windsurf.

There are actually 3 beaches here, known as Outlet Beach, Sandbanks Beach, Dunes Beach with golden soft sand and clear sparkling water.  Many families come to check out this park because of the shallow waters, which makes it perfect for family swimming and building sand castles. 

But if you go out a bit furtheSandbanks Beachr in the water, the conditions are just perfect for the windsurfer.  There are also 2 boat launchers here for your boat, and there are support businesses here if you wish to rent any equipment for the day.

The largest dunes have stairwells in them to help you scramble up and down and to protect the area.  There is also a great visitor center to find out more about this hidden treasure at the other end of Lake Ontario.

We personally discovered this best kept secret of Lake Ontario a few years ago when we moved to the area.  Our kids absolutely loved it, and with the soft breezes and endless sand, you can spend a day there and have a lot of fun. 

If you like to camp, there are camping facilities there with all the amenities, as well as great hiking trails.

If fishing is your thing, then check out nearby Bay of Quinte at Belleville for some of the best Pickerel around. 

Sandbanks Provincial Park is also a magnet for bird watchers in the spring and fall, and the area has become very popular for this sport. 

So, if you thought Niagara Falls was the only great spot on the Great Lakes, then you need to check out Sandbanks beach.  We make a point of heading there and taking a walk along this beach.  It is good for your soul. 

This is a very large park, and is kept very clean, you will find there is lSandbanks Beach Windsurfingots of room to spread out and enjoy.

There are resorts there as well to check out.  If you head to the Sandbanks park website, you can find out the names of many of the resorts and inns in the area.  Book ahead if you want to stay, but if you are whipping along the Highway 401 heading East, then just before you come to Trenton you will see signs.  Why not take a break and head there for the afternoon and get in a summer swim?