French fries at the Potato Patch Restaurant seemed to be the longest line of food, but was well worth the wait.

If you live near Sandcastle Water Park then you can buy two season passes for only 99 dollars. You can decide after a day at the park if you want the season pass when you leave and they will include your price of admission that you used for the day. It is a good thing you are allowed to experience Sandcastle if it is your first time before committing to a season pass. If you are purchasing more than 2 season passes each additional pass will cost you 50 dollars.

Season pass holders have "Bring-A-Buddy Free" days, discount on daily lockers, and free admission at Castle at Night events at the water park. Other perks will be e-mailed to you also throughout the year.

There was not much walking to get to all of the attractions which is a definite plus. There was an entrance to 5 different water slides in one area so you had various options. You can walk across the whole park in 5 minutes but enjoy 5 to 8 hours of fun.

You were allowed to bring /Alcoholic Beverages">alcoholic beverages in the pool and I even saw people bringing strawberry daiquiris on the lazy river.

There was plenty of security on staff especially later in the day when people had a few drinks in them. There was always security in sight.

Even though the ground was hot, there was PVC pipe along the wooden fences that squirted out water to cool off the soles of your feet while walking across. At times it seemed like torture, but what do you expect if you decide to walk across concrete barefoot.

I did not wait in line more than ten minutes for any slide, as this was the benefit for going on a Monday.

There was plenty of lawn chairs by the Sandbar Pool. If you did not want to sit by the pool you can walk towards the back where the was more lawn chairs and even tables and chairs set up so you can relax with family and friends.

You are allowed to bring in a one gallon cooler and a 20 oz bottle. This helped save money by packing our own lunch and bottled water in a small cooler. You can probably get away with a larger cooler as it looked like people did not stick to the one gallon rule at times.

There is a "Tad Pool" for the young ones. It will get you away from the scene of the Sandbar Pool where an older scene of people were and alcohol was being consumed.

Children 3 and younger go in for free. If you are 55 or older or 48 inches or shorter you get in for 20 bucks.

For food you can buy anything from hot dogs, pizza, nachos, tacos, ice cream, funnel cakes, and anything you can expect to get from a theme park. There was a great variety.


The biggest water slide known as "The Monster" that is an 85 foot free fall was closed. The rumor was the park was not occupied enough in order to open it. I think it should be open everyday especially for thrill seekers like myself who come there for attractions of that magnitude.

Six dollars for parking seemed unnecessary since at one time there was no charge in the past years.

Thirty dollars might seem a bit expensive for a water park especially in today's economy. Look for coupons or discounts in the local paper or internet.

Full Review

Sandcastle Water Park located right next to the Monongahela River contains 14 water slides, a lazy river, wave pool, regular pool, pool for small children, and great food provided an experience I will never forget. It is an experience I will never forget and a day well spent! I would definitely go back again.

In Closing

If you want to have fun and cool off on a hot day, going to Sandcastle Water Park is a great idea for your family or group of friends.