In part 2 of this Sandra Bullock movie list are 13 more films that have been released from 1998 to 2009.

Hope Floats

Sandra Bullock plays a woman named Birdie Pruitt who was once the most popular girl in high school. She was also a cheerleader that married the school quarterback. While living in Chicago, she finds out on a talk show that her best friend named Connie admits to having an affair with her husband. Bill her husband confirms that the affair is true and Birdie picks up her daughter and moves back home in Texas to live with her mother Ramona. Living back at Texas hasn’t been easy though since everyone has seen what happened on national television and is rubbing it in her face saying she isn’t as perfect as she was made out to be back in high school. While she is really depressed and trying to get back on her feet, Birdie meets an old friend named Justin Matisse who was in love with her then and is still in love with her now. He tries to help her through the circumstances that she’s in and they both develop a romance. The question is will she be able to leave the past in the past and let Justin completely in?

Practical Magic

Sally Owens is played by Bullock and Gillian Owens is played by Nicole Kidman. These two women are sisters who aren’t your average siblings. They are both witches coming from a family that practices sorcery but unfortunately their ancestor Maria placed a terrible curse on the women of the family. The curse causes the men they fall in love with to be doomed and experience an untimely death. After their parents died, Sally and Gillian move in to live with their aunts Frances and Jet. Sally at one point before moving in chose to deny her powers in order to live a normal life and got married to a man named Michael. They had two daughters from that marriage but unfortunately Michael dies. Living back in their aunt’s mansion, Sally warns them not to teach her daughters anything about magic etc. Now as adult women, the quiet Sally and the fiery Gillian must overcome obstacles regarding love by using their powers to fight the family curse and supernatural forces. This movie was based on a novel by the same name written by author Alice Hoffman.

Forces of Nature

Ben is a regular guy in New York who has to get to Savannah, Georgia within two days for his wedding. Everything seems to go fine until he hops on a plane where a sea gull flies into the engine causing the plane to skid off the runway before take-off. Ben accidentally saves the life of his seatmate Sarah who is a free-spirited woman who seems to get on his nerves. From then on, they both become traveling companions trying to get to the same destination which is Savannah, Georgia. However, for some reason things keep happening to prevent them from getting there in time. All flights are cancelled because of a coming hurricane, they get on the wrong car of a train, and other weird events happen to make Ben question if this is supposed to be a sign for him not to marry his fiancée Bridget. Even Bridget is wondering where her fiancé is although her father doesn’t mind if he doesn’t show up at all because Ben isn’t making enough money like Bridget’s ex-boyfriend who is taking advantage of the situation. While all of this is happening, Ben falls in love with Sarah and believes it may be fate for them to be together.

28 Days

Gwen Cummings is a New York newspaper columnist who is a party girl that loves to drink. On the day of her sister’s wedding, Gwen ends up ruining the reception with her drunken ways by toppling over the wedding cake. She then decides to borrow the limousine and ends up crashing it while drunk and on the phone looking for a cake replacement. In court, she has to make a choice between serving jail time or 28 days in rehab. She chooses rehab but resists participating in the program while she’s there because she doesn’t think she has a problem. Although Gwen butts heads with the clinic’s director, she begins to change as she re-examines her life entertaining the idea that she may indeed be an alcoholic. She develops friendships with other patients there and although the road to recovery may be tough, she’s willing to give it a try.

Miss Congeniality

Gracie Hart is a special agent that works for the FBI. She is naturally a tomboy with mannish mannerisms that believes in feminism. After not following orders on a mission she was a part of, Gracie was demoted to a desk job. The FBI then receives a threat from a domestic terrorist named ‘The Citizen’ who plans to attack the annual Miss United States beauty pageant in Texas. Eric Matthews, a fellow FBI agent is assigned to the task and they reluctantly assign Gracie to the task as well since they need a woman to go undercover and participate in the pageant. Being a pageant contestant goes against everything Gracie stands for but will do it for the sake of the mission. She is given a pageant coach to transform her into a feminine woman by teaching her how to walk, dress, and act like a contestant overall. She and Matthews are now trying to figure out which person involved in the pageant is ‘The Citizen’ and they have to stop this criminal before he/she commits murder. This movie released in 2000 was a box office hit and received many award nominations, including the Golden Globes.

Murder by Numbers

Cassie Mayweather is a homicide detective assigned to a murder case with her partner Sam Kennedy. In California, a cool high school kid named Richard Haywood and his brilliant but nerdy classmate Justin Pendleton commit a murder together. These bored high school kids decide to randomly kill a girl in order to commit the perfect crime. They also decide to pin this horrible act on the school janitor who is also a drug supplier and label him as a crazy serial killer. It’s now up to Cassie and Sam to figure out who the true killer is and Cassie is very suspicious of the two boys although others disagree and she has the lack of evidence to make them official suspects. In this film you will see her investigation skills get tested and watch to see how she’ll survive through it all.

Two Weeks Notice

Sandra Bullock plays Lucy Kelson in this romantic comedy movie. Lucy is a sharp and very brilliant lawyer who meets a wealthy man named George Wade that promises her he won’t destroy the Coney Island community center if she came and work for him at Wade Corporation. Working at his company, she soon finds out that she’ll be doing more than she bargained for. George is a handsome but self-absorbed billionaire who has Lucy at his beck and call. He basically treats her like a nanny who makes decisions for him like what kind of tie he should wear that day until she calls it quits. She gives him her two weeks’ notice and after failing to get her to stay, he tells her she needs to hire her replacement. Lucy finally finds a good fit in an attractive and flirtatious Harvard Law graduate named June Carver, but soon finds herself jealous of June after learning of her motives to getting closer to George. After Lucy is gone, she misses George terribly and so does he. In this film, you’ll find out what happens when they realize that they love each other. Two Weeks Notice had a very successful box office.

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous

Gracie Hart is back in this 2005 released sequel. Three weeks after what happened in the previous film, Gracie has become a celebrity after it has become public knowledge that she was an undercover FBI agent at the Miss United States pageant. Because of her fame, her position as an agent is over and she is assigned to become the ‘face’ of the FBI. They send her touring around the country with her assigned bodyguard Agent Sam Fuller who is a woman that doesn’t get along with Gracie. Although they don’t get along, these two begin to work side-by-side as Gracie finds out that her friend Cheryl Frasier (winner of Miss USA) and pageant host Stan Fields are both kidnapped in Las Vegas. Assistant Director Walter Collins at the Las Vegas FBI office doesn’t want Gracie to work on this assignment but to continue being the face of the bureau. Against the director’s orders, she goes on the mission to finding her friends even though it puts her at odds with the FBI.

The Lake House

Kate Forster is a doctor who is moving out of the lake house to the city of Chicago where she began working at a hospital. Alex Wyler is a young architect who is the new owner of the lake house and is constructing a new complex of houses nearby. Alex finds a message in the mailbox from Kate asking him to forward her mail to her new address. This would all seem fine until eventually they both realize that Alex is living in the past (2004) and Kate in the future (2006). The mailbox that they’ve been communicating in travels mail through time. As time goes on they continue to communicate and end up falling in love with each other. Kate then comes up with an idea for Alex to meet her somewhere she would be in the past even though she had a boyfriend at that time. They soon find out that playing with time could be a dangerous thing but Alex will try everything he can to meet her in the future.


Linda Hanson played by Bullock answers her door on a Thursday morning to a sheriff telling her that her husband Jim Hanson died in a fatal car crash. As her day ends and she wakes up the next morning, Linda sees her husband Jim eating breakfast in the kitchen. Technically she should’ve woken up on a Friday morning, but instead she woke up on the previous Monday. At this point, she thinks that the news of her husband being killed was all just a bad dream until she goes to bed and wakes up on the Saturday after his death. She starts to notice that her days are out of order and she’s going back and forth from pre-death to post-death. Experiencing all of this, Linda begins to notice that her marriage isn’t as perfect as she thought and embarks on trying to save it and save her husband before Wednesday approaches.

The Proposal

Margaret Tate is a Canadian immigrant working as a successful chief editor at a New York publisher. She is disliked by her subordinates because of her tough treatment to everyone in the office and for making work life difficult for them. She also has an assistant named Andrew Paxton to whom she gives no recognition to despite the fact that he’s slaved over her for the past three years. Then one day she gets the news that she’ll be deported back to Canada because of an expired visa and quickly comes up with a plan to marry Andrew. He agrees to do this if she promises to give him a promotion and publish his book. A skeptical clerk from the immigration department makes an interview with Margaret and Andrew to test them about each other after the weekend is over. During that weekend the two fly to Alaska for his grandmother’s 90th birthday where Margaret grows close to his family and the go through some family dynamics. Then all of a sudden, the same skeptical clerk shows up in Alaska promising to charge Andrew for fraud. You will see the original plans of these two changing as the relationship intensifies.

All About Steve

Sandra Bullock plays Mary Horowitz who is a very talkative crossword puzzle writer for the Sacramento Herald. Mary is a socially awkward woman that considers her hamster to be her only true friend and is teased by kids at career day for being single. Because of this event, she agrees to go on a blind date set up by parents although not expecting anything from it. To her surprise, her date is a very handsome cameraman for the CCN network named Steve Muller. She quickly falls for him, but Steve on the other hand is so put off by her awkwardness and large vocabulary. He then fakes a phone call stating that his work needs him to cover some news out of town and lies to her stating that he wished she could be there. Taking what he said seriously, Mary decides to trail after him in hopes of getting him to feel the same way for her. Her journey in following him leads her to encountering new people and she ends up falling into a mine shaft where she finds a trapped child. Steve was covering a story about deaf children being trapped and rescued from the mine shaft but they forgot one child in which Mary rescues. Will Steve’s feelings finally change for Mary?

The Blind Side

This movie is based on a true story about NFL player Michael Oher who was homeless and taken in by a family that ultimately helped him to succeed in life. In this film, Big Mike who is a homeless teenager has a drug addict for a mother and doesn’t know his father. Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy then take him in giving him the opportunity to succeed. Big Mike didn’t have much of a formal education and very little skills but when he makes it known that he’s interested in football, Leigh Anne goes all out to make it happen for him. Big Mike is given a tutor to help him qualify for an athletic scholarship, does extremely well in college football, and then becomes the first-round pick of the Baltimore Ravens in the 2009 NFL draft. Sandra Bullock played Leigh Anne Tuohy and won many awards for her performance. The film received an Academy award nomination for Best Picture among others. Sandra won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Critics’ Choice Award, a People’s Choice Award, and a Teen Choice Award.

You’ve just completed part 2 of this Sandra Bullock movie list with her in roles many people have enjoyed watching her perform. Be sure to check back for any more added films!