The Sands "glorious" Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas opened up for business in December of 1952.  It quickly became one of the “Coolest” casinos in LV. Today the Palms Casino is consider the cool casino for young people and famous people but back in the day it would have been the Sands. Originally though here was a truly a “hot spot” of Las Vegas night life.

Before the Sands there was a restaurant called the “French La Rue Restaurant” and it had a little bit of gambling too. The La Rue was opened in 1950 and then the hotel was built where it stood at 3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South.

If you want to see what the resort actually looked like in its prime then watch the original Oceans 11 movie. The Original Oceans eleven movie was filmed at that hotel. The picture below shows what it looked like before the Circular Room Tower was built. The Iconic Tower was not built until 1967.


It actually lasted until 1996 when it was demolished. People were upset and sad that this Las Vegas landmark was destroyed.



Numerous movies were shot in, on, or near it. At the end of the movie Con Air the plane crash occurs at The-Sands. The actual hotel was used for some of the filming at this point and it was not too long after the filming of the movie was completed that the Sands Hotel Las Vegas history of this building was imploded.

The Rat Pack was famous for playing and staying at The Sands. 

The-Sands was just one of many classic Vegas hotels that were torn down to make way for bigger projects. It is sad that all of these classic buildings have been tore down, but at least we can remember the good times through pictures, videos, and vintage Vegas postcards.

Many of the Casinos and Hotels that were being built on the Strip were using a Western design and decoration. The architect of Sands chose to go with a more modern look and it worked great for many years.