How does SaneBox work?

Sanebox is not your usual spam filtering software. It’s an amazing email organizer. It separates high priority emails from those which are not so relevant. This way, you can attend to more important emails first and check the less needed ones at a later time as you please.

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Sanebox is for those who don’t want to attend to the same countless emails everyday. The dilemma is like finding your way out of a confusing maze. You’ve missed a work deadline because the email was read late. You forgot an important event because the email reminder was stuck in between piles of email in your inbox.

Sanebox is your ultimate email organizer. It works with any email platform. It is very easy to use and requires no training whatsoever. It is also safe, secure, and effective. Subscription can be initiated anytime and can be cancelled anytime as well.  

Sanebox is for everyone who wants to stay sane amidst attending to hundreds or even thousands of emails on a daily basis. Whether you are an employer or an employee, Sanebox literally keeps you sane.

This email tool is designed to help you to never miss any important emails and will not have to go through junk. 

How does SaneBox work?

Using Sanebox is a breeze. After signing up, you can utilize the product right away even with a trial account. It’s best to start with assigning levels of importance for each email contact or sender. There are five of them. Then you can leave it on autopilot after. Sanebox automatically organizes inbox emails based on relevance. It also monitors the spam folder to make sure nothing important is accidentally misplaced.

There’s something even better than the standard spam folder for email services. The SaneBlackHole section allows you to block specific senders so you never receive mails from them again. Just drag a sample email from the sending party to the Black Hole unsubscribe folder and the email address will be blocked from your inbox for good. 

Going back to the emails received at the inbox, the least important ones are temporarily stored under the SaneLater folder, so you can read them at a later time, leaving only the ones you’ve prioritized. These can be further placed under the SaneTomorrow, SaneNextWeek, and or can even be assigned a custom date. You can keep on deferring mails as you desire.

In case you completely forget about them, you receive a daily digest about emails kept under the SaneLater to remind you about them. This means you don’t even need to leave the inbox just to check mails you have deferred.

The Good Side

Sanebox is fairly easy to use. Most features are pretty much self-explanatory and do not employ anything complicated. You can be acquainted with it within minutes of usage. The best feature it can boast of is an organized inbox which helps you save time. Read only what you need immediately and read the rest later.

The product prevents the need to hire an email reading agency. That’s even a no-no if you want to keep trade secrets within your network alone, not to mention private emails. Sanebox never reads your mails. It simply scans the heading. The whole process is as secure as any online bank or merchant transactions. Also, the free trial version does not require any credit card information. It’s free. Once you subscribe, you’re not obliged to follow a binding contract. You may cancel anytime.

The Bad Side

The only disadvantage with using Sane Box is the presence of multiple folders including SaneLater and SaneBlackHole. Although any user can get used to them in time, not everyone can be able to adapt and learn as easy as others would.


The Sane Box email software product is worth a try if you are one of those who goes through thousands of email daily.